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Silent Servant (Jasper/J Mendez)


THESE mixes are brought to us by J. Mendez (aka Jasper, Silent Servant), Cytrax/Delay label co-founder. Coming from around the corner from me, i learned it all by watching this guy. The Cytrax/Delay label saw releases by (label crew member) Kit Clayton, Safety Scissors, Twerk, Oliver Ho etc.. look for his latest release under the moniker Silent Servant on the label Sandwell District. check here for a sample of that release: here

***Be sure to check out some non-techno mixes by J. Mendez by looking in the “BY DJ”  section***


more Silent Servant


In my effort to build the largest collection of Jasper/Silent Servant mixes outside of Juan’s bedroom (laugh), here’s more.  This time we’ve got two mixes coming from past LA events at Interface.  Plus a reminder link to check out Silent Servant’s latest mix at MNML SSGS (a site I just can’t say enough about).  All of this coming EXTREMELY late, but for those who haven’t found these mixes yet, please enjoy.

今 回またSilent Servantのmixをみつ紹介します。本人の部屋以外、一番Silent Servantのmixを集まってる所がoursoundtracksだろう(笑).  今回の二つのmixはロスにあるミニマル・テクノーイベントInterfaceというかなりいいpartyのライブセットです。もう一つは、MNML SSGSというテクノーブロッグのために作られているmixです。ミニマルテクノーを好き方に大おすすめブロッグです。

Interface, who is looking to celebrate their 7th anniversary, throws some great minimal parties in LA.  Given that I moved out of LA exactly 7 years ago, I’ve never been able to make it to one of their parties, but you can see by their lineups and podcasts that they are worth every penny.  Definitely check their podcast for these mixes and many more.

Interface 26



This night was part of the Sandwell District label tour with sets by Regis and Function as well –  would have LOVED to have been here.  Great set from Silent Servant.

このイベントはSandwell DistrictというラベルのUS tourの一つでした。行きたかったな〜!Silent Servantのセットはばっちりです!

Silent Servant mix live @ Interface 26

(double click to play (may take a bit to load) or right-click and “save as” to download)

The visuals at this party are fantastic – check the video.

more videos from Interface

Interface 22


This mix starts off a bit rough, probably first DJ of the evening technical difficulties or what have you, but 10 mins in and its good to go – typical Silent Servant goodness.

このmixの最初の10分はちょっと不安感があるけど、それからSilent Servantぽく、ナイスmixです。

Silent Servant mix live @ Interface 22

Last, but certainly not least, is a link to the latest mix Silent Servant made for MNML SSGS a couple months back.  First off, site should be at the top of your bookmark list if you’re into minimal techno – cream of the crop in my opinion.  Many thanks to the “sausages”.   Secondly,  this mix in particular is one of my favorites to come from Silent Servant – ever.  Fantastic.

そうして、最後はMNML SSGSさん達のexclusive Silent Servant mix.  MNML SSGS最高! 絵像クリック

click the image



1. Kim Rapatti (Mood EP/ Untilted II)
2. Decimal (Spatial Remedy)
3. Levon Vincent (Early Reflections)
4. Dave Hughes (From The Beginning)
5. JD power tools (B2)
6. Frozen boarder 01 (A)
7. Redshape (The Box)
8. Ben Klock (Grasp)
9. Planetary Assualt Systems (Mark Me)
10. N/A Variance (Marcel Dettmann edit)
11. Edit Select (Restrained)
12. Radio Slave (Neverending…)
13. Shena (T++ rmx)
14. Technose district ( killer record!!!)
15. Redshape (Plonk)
16. Abuser 1 (b2)
17. Silent servant (Violencia/Kalon mix)
18. Sleeparchive (Elephant Island)
19. Christian Morgenstern (Spiegelkerker)
20. Mark Broom (Black Russian)
21. Norman Nodge (Native Rhythm Electric)
22. Kirk Degiorgio (I Do Not Exist)
23. Maurizio ploy (UR mix)
24. CH-Signal Laboratories (Regis Edit/Sandwell District 12 )
25. Electromagnetic Dowsing / synth 1(Deepchord/Mike Huckaby mix)

Silent Servant mix from a while back

j mendez

a lowkey nodding mix of some classic minimal goodies (basic channel/chain reaction/maurizio etc..)

j mendez mix

Cytrax Tape

this next mix is really coming out of the vaults. this was recorded from the original Cytrax cassette tape that must have come out around 97? side A Jasper (j. mendez) side B Tang. i must say that it was j. mendez and Tang playing stuff just like this at the SCI-Arc halloween party, and then later, this tape that launched me headlong into a love for techno music. this tape hits hard and in all the right places. the sound is quite low-fi (mind your speakers on the low end), but again, it’s coming from one of the most listened to cassettes that i still have.

the Cytrax tape. Side A: Jasper

live @ re_invent


(Can’t remember if this mix is from this Re_Invent party or not.  Check here for some other fliers)

The latest great selection of old and new minimal tracks. Absolutely delicious sounds as usual coming from Silent Servant. There are some Silent Servant/Jasper tracks mixed in there as well. Keep an ear out. THANKS again Mr. Mendez.

live @ re_invent mix – uploaded 07/15/08


Next up, another great mix of minimalness from Silent Servant.  This time brought to you by mnml ssgs, a great resource for valuable mixes.  Check it and Silent Servant’s mix here: (click the image) – posted 02/10/09


Track list:

WAX NO. 10001 // A


DJ S2 (Santiago Salazar)

Drama mix 2008 – uploaded 07/15/2008

Revitalized mix – recorded AND uploaded 07/15/2008

Thank you Thank you, we’ve got some new and real sounds for those into the electronic dance sound, from DJ S2…much appreciated. Working with such labels as UR, Submerge, PlanetE this is obviously a blessing. A hermano of Los Hermanos. Get in on some educating sounds with these two mixes and find even more here. The first Drama mix is little more straight ahead, the second more housy-techy feel-goodness. BOTH on point.

Revitalized TRACKLIST

01. Osunlade feat. Erro – Everything In It’s Right Place – Rapster (Radiohead remake at it’s best)
02. Soulphiction – Ghana Wadada(the lost men rmx) – Sonar Kollektiv (get the party started)
03. Blaze – Klubtrance – Slip n’ Slide (what trance should sound like)
04. Derwin Hall – The Way (S2 edit) – unreleased (D-Ha; one of detroits best producers)
05. Kerri Chandler – The Box – Deeply Rooted House (ages good like fine wine)
06. Soul Minority – Mozambique – unreleased (“total invention”)
07. Attias – Hanami – Rush Hour (back to the roots)
08. David Ekenbäck – Epicycle – Beretta Red (please press on vinyl!)
09. Tony Lionni – Papaia – Versatile (ahhhhh-TECHNO)
10. Laurent Garnier – Back to my Roots – Innervisions (the percussion is SWEET!)
11. Matthew Dear – Irreparably Dented(David Alvarado rmx) – Spectral Sound (one of L.A.’s best on the remix!)
12. Vince Watson – Ethereal – Delsin (NASTY!)
13. Exium – Andromeda(Amsterdam rmx/F.Flowers) – Nheoma (deepness)
14. Mode Selector – Last Trip – Astralwerks (the O.G. Mode Selector from Kalamazoo!)
15. K-Hand – I Can’t Take You Leaving Me – Acacia (I miss this sound)
16. DJ Mark Flash – Minha Mocambo – UR (brazilian roots)
17. Santiago Salazar – unreleased


miked (oursoundtracks)

so initially i bought turntables to play techno music. This was the final mix I made while still living at my parents house – wow – so long ago. I moved out around ’99 or ’00 so this mix must be from around then. You can tell it’s dated by the fact that it was recorded in two 45min halves in order to be put on tape. I initially played fairly aggressive stuff, but this mix marked my departure into a bit mellower realm of techno…heavy on keys. This mix probably consists of 50% or more of california artists (such as..Kit Clayton, John Tejada, Dean DeCosta), but also includes a healty dose of others. There are quite a few tracks from Force Inc’s “Force Lab” series, some Robert Hood, Jeff Mills, Chain Reaction..etc. Side B gets a little more aggressive. As with all of my mixes on here, they were practice mixes, not intended for sharing, but so much time has passed, and I never got around to re-attempting any of them…so enjoy the good sounds along with the mistakes (like messing around with doubles for too long at the end of side B).

Side A starts with a long intro of an old Kit Clayton track (that I believe might have been meant to be played at 45, but I always liked it on 33) that goes into a Mouse On Mars track, then back into another Kit Clayton track off the Plug Research “Lunch Box” series..before we start getting into some beats.

僕はもともとテクノ回すためにturntablesを買いました。 このmixはまだ実家に住んでいた頃作りましたので、たべん 1999や2000年のものだと思います。 カセットに録音できるようにside A/Bに分けてあります(笑)。元々ハードテクノ回したけど、このmixからもうちょっとdeepな感じのテクノを回し始めました。 このmixは練習のたみに作ったので、ミスとかありますが(例えばsideBの最後の方doublesで遊び過ぎとか (笑) )

LowKey Techno 1999/2000? side A (mix by miked)

LowKey Techno 1999/2000? side B (mix by miked)


robin porter

Immigrant Records 10th B-Day Mix


This mix was posted up just around the time of this party so I’m just assuming it was at least in part made for this occasion.  I can’t believe it’s already been 10 years for Immigrant.  I’ve been following Robin Porter and Immigrant Records since about the time it started up in southern California (my hometown), and it’s so fantastic to see that with all his hard work it seems the label is as strong as ever.  It seems the label has really found its place back home in the UK/Europe.  Robin’s always been a hell of a DJ and this mix I’m putting up now is definitely my favorite.  As always, riding the line between too minimal and too housey with finesse.    Congratulations Robin and Immigrant.

Check out more Robin Porter mixes in the ‘DJ’ section.

10年 前にイギリス出身Robin PorterはCaliforniaでImmigrant Recordsを作りました。あの頃ぐらい知り合って、友達同時にフアンになりました。このmixはImmigrant Recordsの十年記念日パーティのmixです。今までRobinのmixを沢山聞いていますが、今回のはたぶん一番タイプで、とてもいいmixです。

Robin Porter 10 year mix

Set List

01 Reebot vs Johnny D – Intro – Cocoon
02 Manuel Tur – Will Be Mine feat. Alexander East (Arto Mwambe Vocal Mix) – Freerange
03 Paul Hardy – Ninja Slipper (Sasse Dub) – Baker Street
04 Hermannstadt Collective – Andromeda (Jamie Anderson Remix) – Immigrant
05 Class 71 – Alba Adriatica (Move D ‘The Smoke In Your Eyes Mix’) – Four:Twenty
06 Gorge – Hakunyo (Original Mix) – Plastic City
07 Michael Melchner – White Carpet (Original Mix) – Cargo Edition
08 Dein Verlangen (Original Mix) – Eklo
09 Varoslav – All About Love (Original Mix) – Jetaime
10 Fegin – Budva (dOP Remix) – Diynamic
11 Peace Division – Eh Oh Um (Original Mix) – Tsuba
12 Hermannstadt Collective – Got To Be (Original Mix) – Immigrant
13 Sweet N Candy – Weird Hole (Original Mix) – Dumb Unit
14 Kenny Larkin – Wake Me (Original Mix) – Planet E
15 Lauhaus – Give It Up (Ray Okparalysed It Mix) – Remote Area
16 Volta & Salvatore Freda – Patatas Madras (Original Mix) – Freerange
17 Fish Go Deep – The Cure & The Cause (Dennis Ferrer Remix) – Defected
18 Reebot vs Johnny D – Outro – Cocoon


a bangin straight-ahead mix of some old and classic goodies brought to us by Immigrant Records founder Robin Porter. I think I got my hands on this mix around…2000? A lot of good stuff, THANK YOU ROBIN. Look forward to some more stuff from Mr. Porter and Immigrant. Be sure to check out the Immigrant page for a good lot of live sets you can hear there!

Robin Porter Mix-Immigrant’s First Mix CD?

Robin Porter – Proton Radio Mix – 7/9/07


jon santos

though i aim to keep this site a collection of mixes from people who want to contribute their mixes here, occasionally there are some which i have just found that are just too good to resist sharing with you all…like this one from jon santos. i know of jon santos through him being a part of the Cytrax crew in CA. you can read more about him here.

this mix has come from a highly recommended NY radio show called Beats in Space hosted by Tim Sweeney. definitely check the massive collection on the beatsinspace podcast! this is amazing mix in which jon santos schools us on some classic early detroit “track music”. outstanding and highly educational. must listen!

Jon Santos – Live on Beats in Space



thank you to kellyyss in Italy for this great great mix of low-key goodness.  with some soul, clicks, disco, house all in a low-key tech mood.  BE SURE to check out kellyyss myspace for some of his self produced goodness (and it IS good).

spirits in the mirror mix



this is a sweet noddy dub/tech-dub mix brought to us by the man of many faces, moorieman. i was debating whether or not this should go in the Reggae/Dub section, or the Techno/Dub section; so it’s in both! this a deep, bass heavy mix…enjoy the journey.

moorie’s for the dubminded

supersoul – version (intro)

dry & heavy – law of the jungle

king tubby & soul syndicate ft prince alla – great stone (zion train rmx)

king tubby & soul syndicate – dub in the right way (dreadzone rmx)

burn friedman & the nu dub players – the big black other

akio nagase – dance hall king

yabby you – conquering lion (groove corp. rmx)

butch cassidy sound system – take me to your leader

frisco – new balance dub

reclame – montreal winter dub (deadbeat rmx)

akio nagase – fishermans dub

linval thompson – jah jah is i guiding star (dubphonic rmx)

rhythm & sound with tikiman – why

deadbeat – we like it slow and steady

rhythm & sound – mango drive

digital jockey with terry armstrong – opium dub


Dimitri Pike

if i may say so of a mix of minimal german techno, this is a real pleasant mix, well put together. a selection of various releases from Basic Channel/Chain Reaction and related labels. this is a great introduction to one of the most influential duos/labels in techno music. they are also responsible for bringing us the long awaited re-issues of the Wackies studio, making the link between original dub/roots reggae and tech-dub even clearer. a big thank you to Dimitri Pike for the willingness to share! find out more about Dimitri Pike…his music, his label, and other mixes to be enjoyed.

Berlin Wall of Sound


Funky Vuelta

here we have another deep, four-on-the-floor, soundscape mix this time brought to us by Funky Vuelta. minimal, sparse, yet soulful techno from labels such as Chain Reaction, Deepchord etc. Be sure to check out Funky Vuelta’s site for some of his own brand of dreamy breakbeats. Thanks for sharing!

Here’s the playlist:

Fluxion – Aviation [Chain Reaction]
Fluxion – Bilateral Motion [Chain Reaction]
Rhythm & Sound – Ruff Way (Version) [Burial Mix]
Deep Chord – Untitled [Deepchord]
Maurizio – M7 [Maurizio]
Quadrant – Dub I [Basic Channel]
Nick Rapaccioli – Sci Fi [Vertical Form]
Imax – Soft White (Version) [Deepchord]
Dean DeCosta – Heavy Circles [Plug Research]
Nick Rapaccioli – Grit [Vertical Form]
Project Remark – Tech hikers [Plug Research]
Nanospeed feat. Spacetank – Entwurf [Shitkatapult]
M. Von Schommer – Würfel [Deepchord]
D.F.T. – Weird Or Wired [Dubwise]
Pulse -Cariño (Silencio) [Harthouse]

untenmaa – Funky Vuelta



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Ode to the magic on Jasperson Drive.

—-Ahmen!!! – from miked

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that will take a time till I listend to them all. thanks for putting this together…

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