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August 9, 2011, 2:08 am
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Tribute to ROOTS TANK and Dub Smokin


Dub Smokin was a great monthly event I used to play at while living in Tokyo.  The event got started before I came along, but I was later asked to become a regular dj for the evening.  The event was held every 4th Saturday at one of my all-time favorite reggae spots that was in Shibuya – Roots Tank.  To our dismay, Roots Tank was closed a couple years back and that eventually brought an end to this event as well.  The place was a relatively low-pro gem of Jamaican gettaway.  Great atmosphere on the 4th floor, LOUD system till morning, cheap drinks, usually no entrance fee, and an overall “anything goes” mentality made the place home to many a lawless night of fun.

I really wanted to get a few mixes from the regulars of the event, especially the organizer and dear friend Nametake, but for various reasons no one has pulled through thus far.  I was lucky enough, however, to get a super solid mix coming from Tetsu-san, who joined the event the last few times before Roots Tank closed; though his record collection outshines all of those whose names are on the flier ; )

We usually all played 2 45min to an hour sets.  I intended to make two mixes for this tribute, but have so far had only time for this one.  This mix represents what I might play towards the latter half of the morning, when peoples heads and feet have gotten a bit heavier.  The mix I still haven’t made yet would be more upbeat, perhaps with some  funk thrown in etc… So don’t get the impression that the evening was always this heavy.  This mix is basically heavy after heavy.  The beats are heavy and the lyrics are heavy.  Heavy on Rasta/Black liberation (to Zion).  I LOVE every track on here.

(Side note:  One of my American friends that I sent this mix to in the past once said “love the mix, but what the hell is that “nigger” track??”   Yes, there is a dub version of the song called “Every Nigger is a Star”.  Yes, there are songs about being black and black liberation.  Yes, I am as white as they come.  I make no claims to understand what it is like to be black and in no way consider myself to be an “honorary brother” of any kind.  I am also, obviously, not a Rastafarian.  All I can say is that this music, musically/lyrically/production-wise, moves my soul.  I only aim to share music that I love and that moves me, in hopes that it does the same to you.  I would be a greatly saddened if I ever offended anyone in the process.)

Tetsu’s mix is an excellent mix of 80s Roots original 12″s.  As I’ve mentioned before on two other posts from Testu (see: Wackie’s Origingal 45s Vol. I & Vol. II), the man has an insane record collection…a handful of some of his treasures would definitely be worth more than most of my entire collection.  In this mix you can enjoy the reggae 12″ single style of the original version followed by either the “DJ” version (where a “dj” mc’s over a dub of the original track) or a “dub version” of the original.  Dub, in case you may not know, was the product of the producer taking out most or all of the vocal tracks, messing with the all the other tracks and adding delay etc…to create a bugged out instrumental version of the original track.  The “DJ” style basically grew out of actual mcs at soundsystem parties mc-ing live over these dubs.  This was a hit at the dance parties and was then recorded in the studio.  To see some original dub production in action check out one of the masters at work HERE.

Dub Smokin Mix – miked

Bush Weed / Pauline / Uhuru 7″
Lambs Bread Collie / Light of Saba / Honest Jon’s 12″ single
Step It Out Of Babylon / Palmers Brothers / Hawkeye 7″
(Version B side) Exiting / Roots Radicks
Full Warning / I Roy / Fe-Me-Time 7″
Higher Field Marshall / The Wailers Band / PK 10″
My Guiding Star / The Heptones / Impact 7″
Jah Is My Guiding Star / Tappa Zukie / Stars 7″
Things Felt Right / Oj / Half Moon Records (PK9) 12″LP
Let’s Go To Zion / Winston Francis / Studio One 12″
Set Me Free / Dill Smith / Half Moon Records (PK9) 12″LP
Conquering Lion / Yabby You / 12″LP
Yabby Youth / Big Youth & Yabby You / Vivian Jackson 7″
Judge I Oh Lord / Tappa Zukie / Ivanhoe 10″
Freedom, Justice & Equality / Stranger Cole / Half Moon Records (PK9) 12″LP
Higher Field Marshall (Version) / The Wailers Band / PK 10″
Revolution / Leroy Sibbles / Wackie’s 12″ single
This World / Leroy Sibbles / Wackie’s 12″ single
Live And Love / Wayne Jarrett / Wackie’s 10″
Satan Side / Keith Hudson & Chuckles / Duke 7″
Peter & Judas / Earl Flute & Horace Andy / Mafia 7″
Every Dub Is A Star / Harry J’s Studio / Jamaican Recordings
Black Is Our Color (Version) / Wayne Wade / Vivian Jackson 7″
Black Is Our Color / Wayne Wade / Vivian Jackson 7″

80s Roots 12″ Original Press SIngles – Tetsu




今回のミックスはRoots TankとDub Smokinの思い出ミックス〜〜

閉店する前に渋谷にあったRoots Tankは本当に最高に楽しいレゲーバーでした。音がでかくって、マスター達がスーパーいい人達、朝までやっていて、なんでもありな感じでいつでもアットホームな気分でした。閉店したら、言葉にならないぐらい残念でした。Dub SmokinはNametake-sanがproduceした月一回イベントでした。イベントが始まってから半年から一年後に私がregular djとして誘われて、一年間ちかくdjやりました。本当に本当に楽しいイベントでした! 音楽のテーマがちょっとHeavyな感じ、dj達が皆楽しいKiller selectionを持ってきてくれたし。。。そうして、よく来てくれたあたたかいお客さんもいっぱいいたので。。。本当にいい思い出になりました! 皆にありがとう!

今回、Dub SmokinのDJ達にみんなにミックスを頼んだだけど、それぞれみんなが忙しくって、なかなかミックスを作る時間がないので、今回は私とTetsu-sanのミックスしかないけど。。。未来にもしかしたらCAPTAIN Nametake-sanのミックスが出来上がるかもしらないので、その時にまたアップします〜〜

私からのミックスは本当に重い感じで、夜遅い時間にかけるようなミックスで。。。Heavy Heavy Sounds… でも、Dub Smokinはいつもこんなに重いイベントではなかった全然。逆にだいたいいつもかなり盛り上がっていた。もしCaptain Nameのミックスが届いたら、その時に僕のDub Smokin “元気 version”のミックスを作りますので〜〜〜〜〜〜〜

そうして、Tetsu-sanのミックスは80s Roots Original 12” mix です! 最高! Tetsu-sanはRoots Tank閉店の少し前にDub Smokin regular djとして参加してくれたけど、Record collector的にキングでした。Tetsu-sanはよくテーマがあるセットを持ってきてくれて、こういう風に勉強になるミックスばっかりでした。過去にoursoundtracksにアップしたのOriginal Wackies Vol. I and Vol. IIもそうでした。是非きいてみてください!!



October 15, 2010, 3:08 pm
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AfroNight in Tokyo @ Drum Song 下北沢

So now that I’ve moved out of Tokyo I’d like to put up a few entries to say “thanks for the many good memories” to a few Tokyo spots, fellow djs, and people who came out to show their love for the music over the years.

This entry in particular is a shout out to everyone who made our tri-monthly event called AfroNight such an enjoyable little night.  The spot was an ALL reggae bar in Shimokitazawa called Drum Song.


今回のエントリは下北沢のDrum Songで行ったイベント「AfroNight」の皆さんへ送りたいです〜

まず、Drum Songのカオルさんにはものすごく感謝しています〜〜 このAfroNightが始まったのに年前からここで月一回ぐらいレゲーを回させました、、簡単な話と言うと、カオルさんのおかげで、僕の東京のDJ人生ができました。 そうして、バリバリレゲーのみの所なのに、たまにこのレゲーじゃないイベントを許してくれたのはありがたいです! めっちゃ楽しかったです!

The owner, and dear friend, was open enough to warm up to the idea of an OCCASIONAL non-reggae night when the idea was put to him by fellow Drum Song frequenteuer, Nozomi.  I think Nozomi was about 19 or 20 when I first met her and was just starting to buy some records, so MUCH props to her for putting together this night – and later this mix.  The theme of AfroNight was simply “black music” (that’s actually what the section is called at music stores here) other than reggae, mainly soul, funk etc…   These nights were always SO MUCH fun because they were only every 3 months or so, so we got lots of people to come out in force.  For me, it was just so much fun to play something other than reggae music.  I love me some reggae, but I never intended to be an all reggae dj, but that’s somehow how things worked themselves out while I was in Tokyo.  Anyways, thanks to everyone for this night, especially you Nozomi-chan! Thanks for inviting me to play!  Thank You Kaoru at Drum Song, Thank You AfroNight crew, and Thank You Tetsu!

このイベントはのぞみちゃんという最高にいい子のイベントでした。 初めて会った時ちょうどレコードを買う始めた所でしたかな、まだdjとかやったことがなくって、なので、このイベントを始まったのは本当にえらいと思います〜 そうして、ありがたい! AfroNightはレゲー以外のブラックmusicイベントでした;ほとんどsoul,funk,disco,R&B.  このイベントまで、東京でレゲーを回すチャンスしかなかったので、とってもとっても楽しかった! 誘ってくれてありがとう!!

Below are 3 mixes of music typical of the event from myslef, Nozomi, and Tetsu who was our special guest dj for our last event~

下にAfroNightのミックス3つあります。私のとのぞみちゃんのと、special guestTetsuさんのです。 (AfroNightに他のレグラーdjがいましたが、ミックスを手に入れなかったので。。この3つしかない)

AfroNight Mix 1 by me – miked

AfroNight Mix – miked (double click to stream/right click and save as)

This mix is all vinyl of mainly reissues except for a couple originals thrown in at towards the end.  A lot of the stuff can be found out about if you fish around the following labels, which I highly recommend you do, Truth & Soul, Now Again/Soul Cal, Daptone, and Numero Group. All of these labels have dug up some rare and amazing gems for reissue.  There are also a few tracks that were actually recorded relatively recently…over the past few years there have been some incredible releases in the revival soul/funk scene.  As to which songs are reissues and which are actually new recordings…I’ll leave that to you to figure out.

The mix takes you through some banging funk and gritty soul for a while and finishes up with some west coasty 70s goodness.  Great for a sunny day off.   – – There’s a fair amount of artist repetition going on in here, but the mix was just for fun and there were too many 7″s  where I just simply couldn’t decide between side A or B .

このミックスはほとんど再発のレコードです、最後のほうにちょっとオリジナル版も入ってますけど。。 この曲に興味があればこのレブルおすすめです.Truth & Soul, Now Again/Soul Cal, Daptone, and Numero Group. 全部本当に素晴らしい再発版を出しています.


The Detroit Sex Machines – The Stretch – Now Again

GP Reverbi -Sequence – 36 Funky 45s

Sharon Jones – 100 Days, 100 Nights – Daptone

Inell young – What Do You See In Her – Jazzman

Eddie & Ernie – Bullets Don’t Have Eyes – Ever Soul

Bob & Gene – You Gave Me Love – Mo Do

Eddie & Ernie – You Make My Life A Sunny Day – Ever Soul

Bob & Gene – I Can Be Cool – Mo Do

Bob & Gene – Your Name – Mo Do

Funky Music Machine – Gotta Clean Up The World – Black Top

Timothy McNealy – Funky Movement No. 2 – Truth & Soul

Black Velvet – An Earth Quakes Coming –  Truth & Soul

Binky Griptite and the Mellomatics – Mellomatic Mood – Daptone

Pieces Of Piece – Pass It On pt 1&2 – Twinight

Kashmere Stage Band – Super Strut – Now Again

Luther Davis Group – You Can Be A Star – Soul Cal

Kashmere Stage Band – Ain’t No Sunshine – Now Again

Ramp – Everybody Loves The Sunshine – Blue Thumb

Timmy McNealy – What’s Going On – Truth & Soul

Luther Davis Group – To Be Free – Soul Cal

Herbie Hancock – forget which song! – CBS

Sammy Gordon and the Hip Huggers – Making Love – Polydor 7″

AfroNight Mix 2 by Nozomi

It took me a while, but I finally convinced Nozomi to come over to my place and record this mix.  She always claimed to be too much of a beginner, but since the event was coming to end and I was moving back to Nagano – she came through.  Hope to hang out soon again Nozomi-chan!

のぞみちゃんは最初ちょっと自信なくって、ミックスを作るのはやってくれなさそうだったけど、やっと、家に来てくれた一発でとってもいいミックスを作ってくれました。そうして、やっとアップしています〜 ありがとうのぞみちゃん!

A great party mix that kept everyone dancing and wanting to drink more!


AfroNight Nozomi Mix (double click to stream/right click and save as)

The Mighty Tom Cats – Soul Makossa

Copa Salvo – la negra tomasa

Banda Black Rio – Miss Sherry

Experience Unlimited – Hey You

Clarence Reid – Along Came A Woman

Clyde King – Direct Me

Black Ivory – I Keep Asking You Questions

Sly & The Family Stone – Fun

Doobie Brothers – Long Train Running

Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive

Patti Austin – The Genie

Bumblebee Unlimited – I Got A Big Bee

Salsoul Orchestra – Run Away

Thelma Houston –  Saturday Night, Sunday Morning

Kool & THe Gang – In the Hear

The 3 Pieces – I Need You Girl

Curtis Mayfield – Miss Black America

Kokomo – Let Me Have It All

AfroNight Mix 3 by Tetsu

An Oursoundtracks favorite with his selections of all original Wackie’s vinyl, Tetsu-san also came through on our last event as a special guest.  He played two sets that night, the first kept the Jamaican vibe of our location while still maintaining the soul for the event.  The second was definitely more AfroNight-ish, but unfortunately I only have the first..which is a great set of tunes though..but still more reggae than what one might expect at AfroNight.

Oursoundtracks 人気あるTetsuさんがAfroNightの最後にspecial guest dj やってくれました。 Drum Songのレゲー雰囲気をまもりながら、jamaican soulでAfroNightにばっちりでした!

AfroNight Mix Tetsu (double click to stream/right click and save as)

Alton Ellis – Let’s Stay Together

Lloyd Tyrell – Let’s Get It On

Honey Boy – The Tracks Of My Tears

Ken Boothe – It’s The Way That Nature Planned It

Lloyd Walks – Feelings

Wayne Wade – Lady

Shelia Hylton – Don’t Ask My Neighbors

Marcia Aikens – When I Need You

Junior Tucker – Some Guys Have All The Luck

Horace Andy – Rock Me Baby

John Holt – Yester Day

Annette Clarke – Just One Look

Winsome – Am I  The Same Girl

Freddie McGregor – Why Can’t We Be Friends

Wackie’s Originals Vol. II
August 12, 2010, 2:36 pm
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Wackies Originals Vol. II  – by Tetsu

Let me first apologize for being completely MIA for a while.  I moved out of Tokyo and back to the mountains…have been working night and day on starting a new business, and just had a kid last month…  I have lots of mixes waiting to be put up, I hope I’ll be able to get around to them all soon enough.

最近忙しくって全然サイトをいじる時間全くなくってすみません〜〜〜〜〜! 東京から長野へ戻って、自分の学校を開いて、そうして子供できました。ミック スを沢山たまっているので、ガンガンアップしたいですけど。。。頑張ります!

Today’s mix I’ve really been looking forward to sharing.  Vol 1 of Wackie’s Originals was one of the most highly downloaded mixes here at Oursoundtracks.  I explained most of my thoughts on the Wackies studio and Tetsu-san in the entry for Vol. 1 so go check that again!

今日のミックスをアップするのは本当にたのしみにしていました!  Wackie’s Originals Vol. 1 はこのサイトの歴史のなかで Best 3に入る!、downloadの回数的に。Wackie’s Originals Vol. 1にWackie’sやTetsu-sanに関して言いたいことをほとんど言い切りましたので、よかったらそちらへもう一回見いて下さい!  この下にチョコット書きますけど。。。

A quick word on Wackie’s

I’ll just say again that works from the Wackies studio remain some of my favorite reggae music.  If you like what you hear and want to pick up up one album to make your record/cd collection all the cooler and get better acquainted with Lloyd Barnes and his productions I’d recommend Horace Andy’s “DanceHall Style” – don’t let the title fool you – it is NOT “dancehall” as we now loath it – I mean KNOW it. ; )

もしWackie’sちょっと興味を持っているけど、CDなどなんにも持ってなくって買おうと思っている方がいらしゃったら、Horace Andy’s “DanceHall Styleがおすすめです〜!Lloyd Barnesのstudio sound + Horace Andy = 最高!

(Clive Chin from Randy’s Records & Tetsu)

A quick word on Tetsu-san

As I said in the last entry, Tetsu is a man with an amazing record collection that he’s been seriously working on for over 20 years.    I always enjoyed looking through his box of all original goods every evening we played together.  A good friend and Dj I’ll miss now being away from Tokyo.  I hope this isn’t the last mix we have from him.

前も言ったけれども、本当にTetsu-sanのレコードバッグいつもいっつも楽しみにしています!!! 一緒に回す度に楽しいし勉強にもなる! まだまだTestsu-sanのミックス欲しいです!



Wackie’s Original 45s Vol I
September 1, 2009, 4:07 pm
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WACKIE’S Mix (all originals) – by Tetsu


This mix is a real treasure coming from a great DJ and friend Tetsu-san. Tetsu has blessed us by becoming a regular DJ at our monthly event “Dub Smokin” every 4th Sat. @ Drum Song in ShimokitazawaHe’s been collecting reggae vinyl for over 20 years and usually puts the rest of us to shame with his wicked selection of mainly original presses.  Recently Tetsu-san has been setting a theme for his set each event, and last time at Dub Smokin was an all Wackie’s set which was just amazing – especially on a big soundsystem.  Tetsu was kind enough to record a sampling of his Wackie’s all original collection for us.   THANK YOU TETSU-SAN

こ のmixは最高な人とセレクターTETSUさんからきています! うちらが第四・土 下北沢のDrum Songでやっているイベント”Dub Smokin”のレグラーメンバーです。 20年以上Reggae Recordsを集まってる大先輩、いつも、いつも素晴らしいselection回してくれる。。。是非、見に来てください!!この間のDub SmokinでTETSUさんがALL ORINGINAL WACKIESセット回しました。それで、oursoundtracksのために同じようなmix作ってくれました。最高です!

WACKIE’S was an amazing “reggae” label/studio/store started in NY in the 70s by Lloyd Barnes (check wikipedia for more info).    Lo-fi, gritty, soulful, Wackie’s has been widely influential.

Most if not all of the original (1970’s and 80′) Wackies recorded releases are out-of-print and in demand among reggae music collectors. Germans Moritz Von Oswald and Mark Ernestus, passionate devotees of the label’s sound, have undertaken an extensive and ongoing 12″ and LP re-issue campaign for the label through an exclusive imprint in the Basic Channel record label family, bearing the Wackies logo and label design. To date, the imprint has put out work from artists such as Horace Andy, Wayne Jarrett, Love Joys, The Meditations, and Sugar Minott, as well as several strictly dub releases by Wackies-sponsored bands. ” – Wikipedia

For me personally this coming together of Wackie’s and Basic Channel was HUGE.   Just out of high school I really got into minimal techno music,  especially deep minimal stuff like Berlin’s Basic Channel and Chain Reaction, but new very little about reggae besides Marley and early ska.  At this time I had no clue about the connection between techno and reggae (more specifically dub).  A few years later my interest in techno waned and  interest in hip hop and roots/dub music grew.  When I later bought a Wackie’s re-issue I felt I had a divine revelation when I realized that this re-issue of reggae/dub was being released by none other than the minimal techno master minds of the previously mentioned Basic Channel and Chain Reaction, Moritz Von Oswald and Mark Ernestus.  It all came full circle to me.  I couldn’t believe I never realized it before, how massively  the Berlin minimal techno sound was influenced by the Dub music of the 70s and early 80s.  And now, here are my favorite techno producers re-releasing some of my favorite reggae.   It all came completely full circle when Ernestus and Von Oswald as Rhythm and Sound collaborated with original Wackie’s artists to release some absolutely  mind blowing electronic-dub versions of Wackie music.  Listen:

2000 年代に元minimal techno/minimal dub producers Moritz Von Oswald and Mark Ernustus (Rhythm and Sound) from the labels Basic Channel/Chain Reaction in BerlinがWackie’s再発をガンガン出しました。私は元々minimal techno djだったんで、このドイツ人二人大好きだったので、十年後、この二人は最高なレーゲを再発出してるのはものすごくうれしい偶然/運命でした。 そうして、この円が完成したのはRhythm and SoundがWackie’s musician達と一緒に最高なelectronic-dub versions作りました〜 下にきいてみて:

Needless to say, when Tetsu agreed to make this all original Wackie’s set for the site I was thrilled.  Now, given everything I said about the connection between dub music/Wackie’s/and Berlin minimal techno, and if you’ve been a fan of the Wackie’s stuff re-released by the German label you may be expecting a set of all heavy roots and dub…this is not the case.  The Wackie’s studio and label produced a wide range of reggae music in its years of productivity.  This mix is a good sampling of that range…some of the stuff has been re-issued, but a lot of it hasn’t.




[For a full (still being updated) collection of Testu’s Wackie collection go here]



Skin Tight Part I  / Bullwackies All Stars

Look Over Yonder / Ras Ifton & The Zionites

Black Horns / Baba Leslie &  Mark

Jah Children / Johnny Osbourne

Come Let’s Go / Wayne Jarrett

Pollution In The City / Johnny Clarke

I Wanna Get Next To You / Andrea L’amy

So Much Loving / Chosen Brothers

Love Makes The World Go Round / Jah Batta & Positive Vibes

Stop The World / Ken Boothe & M. Lara

Prophecy / Horace Andy

Tribal War / Noel Delahaye

Loving Man / African Jamaicans

Creation / Itopia

Message From Jah / Itopia

It’s Like Yesterday / Noel Delahaye

Forward On A Yard / Leroy Sibbles & the Heptones

It Takes Time / Stranger Cole

Home By The Sea / Andrew McCalla

I Was Born To Be Loved / Andrew McCalla

What’s Wrong With You / Jerry Hitler

I Love My Music / Max Romeo

Forever And Ever / Lloyd Barnes

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