Silent Servant Sonar Passalong
September 2, 2011, 2:54 pm
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Silent Servant mix for Sonar ’11


Silent Servant

While reposting some older Silent Servant mixes I thought I’d pass along one of his more recent mixes made for the Sonar Festival site.  Again, J. Mendez giving us an Oh so enjoyable peak at his records and influences.  ENJOY

Sandwell District – Untitled
Horrid Red – Pink Flowers
Nine Circles – The Rose
Chrome – Animal
Collin Gorman Weiland – Price of leather
Factory Floor – Lying
Chris Carpenter – Waterfalls
Peaking Lights – All the sun that shines
Collin Gorman Wieland – Curse
Maurizio – M7
Derrick May – Relic I
Raymond Scott – Nescafe
Throbbing Gristle – Distant Dreams II
Tropic of Cancer – A Color
Various Artists – No.3 (Debit)
Svreca – Obscur
Regis – Blinding Horses
Crescent – This World Is Not Our Home




Old Silent Servant III
August 29, 2011, 1:45 pm
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live @ re_invent


Below is as written for the original post in 2008.

(Can’t remember if this mix is from THIS Re_Invent party or not.  Check here for some other fliers)

The latest great selection of old and new minimal tracks. Absolutely delicious sounds as usual coming from Silent Servant. There are some Silent Servant/Jasper tracks mixed in there as well. Keep an ear out. THANKS again Mr. Mendez.

ま〜〜、またSilent Servantのミックスです ;) 今回はイベントのライブミックス。とってもいいミニマルテクノです〜〜

live @ re_invent mix – uploaded 07/15/08

old silent servant II
August 29, 2011, 5:25 am
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**Posting some mixes I put up a long time ago, but weren’t switched over when I changed the format of this site.**

Silent Servant mix from a while back

j mendez

a lowkey nodding mix of some classic minimal goodies (basic channel/chain reaction/maurizio etc..)   No play list, sorry…   This mix wasn’t made for Oursoundtracks, but I think this is the only place you’ll find it.  Was passed over to me maybe about 4 or 5 years ago, not sure when it was recorded though (Uh..right, as it says on the mp3 title, was recorded in April 07).  Enjoy and spread the word!

4年前もらったSilent Servantミックスです〜〜 Oursoundtracksのために作られたミックスではないけど、ここでしか聴けないと思います!  曲名はないけど、Basic Channel, Chain Reaction, Maurizio など、ミニマルな美味しさたっぷり〜〜

j mendez mix

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Old Silent Servant mix I
July 31, 2011, 3:47 pm
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**Posting some mixes I put up a long time ago, but weren’t switched over when I changed the format of this site.**

Cytrax Mix Tape – by J Mendez

Quite a long time ago I switched the format of this site to a blog format and in the process a lot of mixes that once were available haven’t been, so I’m slowly trying to put some back up.  Here’s one that Silent Servantfans should definitely check out if you didn’t hear it the last time it was up.  Also have a couple other Silent Servant mixes that have been unavailable for the same reason, stay tuned for those updates soon.

To techno/Sandwell District fans:This next mix is really coming out of the vaults. This was recorded from the original Cytraxcassette tape that must have come out around 96 or 97?  Side A Jon (Silent Servant) side B (Cytrax label co-founder) Tang.  I must say that it was J. Mendez and Tang playing stuff just like this at the SCI-Arc Halloween party, and then later this tape, that launched me headlong into a love for techno music. This tape hits hard and in all the right places – the bpms are true to the era. The sound is quite low-fi (mind your speakers on the low end), but again, it’s coming from one of the most listened to cassettes that I still have.

My tape deck isn’t functioning at the moment and I currently only have Jasper’s side in mp3 format…hope to get Tang’s side up soon.

To friends back in Southern Cal:  This is an old techno mix from a friend from the GG/Westminster hood.  SoCal never had much of a techno scene (all trance/house etc..) but this guy knew what was up with good electronic music before I was even able to not scoff at music without instruments.  We initially connected because we were both massive Smiths fans and realized we had a lot in common music wise.  However, Juan was always years ahead of me and had an insanely good record collection…so I was doing way more of the borrowing.  As I started getting into the underground dance music scene, around 95 or so, I started to realize, although the parties were a lot of fun…trance was just too cheezy and house had too much singing going on for me, and was therefore ripe to be blown away when I went to go see Juan, and Cytrax label partner Tang play at a SCI-Arc halloween party.  From that day on I jumped on Juan to show me all he knew about this minimal techno stuff.  I bought turntables and that was that (I became the lifelong closet dj that I am now).  The label they started, Cytrax, in Westminster, Orange County of all places, had an early partnership with John Tejada and later partnered up with Kit Clayton, both big names in the scene, for a whole slew of great releases that got their fair share of play and respect in Europe but was virtually unknown in the town and surrounding LA county that it came out of.  A few years ago, after a bit of a hiatus, Juan came up under a new name, Silent Servant,  and a new partnership with Regis and Function to form one of THE “hottest” labels in the minimal techno scene right now, Sandwell District (still relatively slept on stateside – as is most good techno).  A few years ago when Juan passed along some of this new stuff it woke up that love I had for minimal music that had long been asleep in me and I dusted off some of my old records and started looking around a bit at some newer stuff.  I was pleasantly surprised at the fact that there was some techno I could really dig on being made again.  Anyhow, I’m eternally grateful for all the good music Juan has shared over the years and am looking forward to what’s to come.

the Cytrax tape. Side A





Cytrax Mix Tape 日本語版

だいぶ前にこのサイトのformatを変えました。その時から見れなくなってミックスを意外とあったのど、ぼちぼち直そうとしています。今回はminimal technoやSilent Servant好きな方におすすめです〜

1995ぐらいから私がテクノやrave パーティにはまって、初めてdjの世界に興味をもった。残念ながら、ロスのelectronic musicはだいたいHouseかTranceだった。パーティが楽しかったけど、音楽的にちょっと物足りなかった。そのとき、高校時代の友達が知らない間にminimal technoがdjしていた事が知っていて、彼のイベントを見に行った。その夜から私のテクノやdjの人生が始まった。その友達 (Jasper)がロスで友達と自分たちのラベル “Cytrax“(1996~2003?)を出した。Cytraxのメンバーがもともと四人でした:Jasper (Silent Servant), Tang, Kit Clayton, and Jon Santos.  ロスにテクノシーンが全くなかったけど、だんだん CytraxやKit Claytonの名前がEuropeや日本まで広かった。

私的にこのminimal technoが詳しい人が周りにJasperしかいなかった。同じ近所に住んでいたので、よく彼の家にいって、色んな音楽の話をして、ものすごく勉強になった。私が2001-2002年ぐらいから好きなテクノレコードだんだんみつからなくなってきて、テクノちょっと諦めた。

それで、2007ぐらいこのサイトを始まって、色んな古いテクノミックスを聴いていて、またJasperに連絡とって彼の新しいミックスやレコード聴いて、また自分の中のテクノの火が再びに表した。2006か2007ぐらいからJasperが新し名前 Silent Servantで Regis, Female, and Functionのdj/producerの仲間とSandwell Districtというレベルで再びvinylをリリスした。そのSandwell Districtが現在のテクノ世界の中でめっちゃ熱いレベルになっちゃいました。。。

今回のミックスは1996か1997のCytrax mix tapeです。Side AがJasperで、Side BがTangだけど、今私のカセットデッキが動かなくってSide Aしかmp3なってない。この時代からテクノが好きな方に大歓迎!!



February 23, 2010, 3:58 pm
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New Minimal Wave / Drum Machine Music mix –

**Below we have three excellent mixes from J. Mendez from the late 70s early 80s.  If you dig on new wave, post-punk, electro…you need to hear ALL three.**

El Baile



El Baile – The Mixel-baile-cover

Throbbing Gristle // Camera
Liaisons Dangereuses // Peut Etre … Pas
Oppenheimer Analysis // Devil’s Dancer
Fad Gadget // Love Parasite
Kraftwerk // Robots
Chris & Cosey // Hazey Daze
Fad Gadget // Collapsing New People
TGV // Partie 1
Ultravox // Mr. X
Experimental Products // Golden Hours (Brian Eno)
Cabaret Voltaire // Walls of Jericho
Throbbing Gristle // Distant Dreams part 2
No More // Suicide Commando
N.O.I.A. // Stop Thinking
Absolute Body Control // Automatic I
Christof Glowalla // Erde 80
April Orchestra




Here’s one along the same lines, less vocals, dance floor ready; hence the name:


La Discoteca – The Mix

Laura Logic//Brute Fury


Pig Bag//Sunny Day

A Certain Ratio//Guess Who

Electric Chairs//So Many Ways

Capricorn//I need love

Simian Mobile Disco//State of Things

Alecander Robotonik//Intro for Live Performance

Padded Cell//Savage Skulls

Eddy Grant//Time Warp


Glass Candy//Always Say Yes

Love Fingers//Zoysia

Emperor Machine//Labocatocs (V.Markowski Remix)

Glass Candy//Computer Love

Sexual Harassment//K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Emperor Machine//Labocatocs (Original Mix)

Chaz Jankel//3,000,000 Synths

Gina X//No Gdm

Mirage//Lady Operator

80’s 80’s 80’s

let’s put on some leather, german accents, grab a cocktail, and dance

lots of old gems and euro oddities.

early electro mix

October 23, 2009, 4:36 am
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more Silent Servant


In my effort to build the largest collection of Jasper/Silent Servant mixes outside of Juan’s bedroom (laugh), here’s more.  This time we’ve got two mixes coming from past LA events at Interface.  Plus a reminder link to check out Silent Servant’s latest mix at MNML SSGS (a site I just can’t say enough about).  All of this coming EXTREMELY late, but for those who haven’t found these mixes yet, please enjoy.

(check the “BY DJ” section for more mixes by Silent Servant – both techno and non)

今 回またSilent Servantのmixをみつ紹介します。本人の部屋以外、一番Silent Servantのmixを集まってる所がoursoundtracksだろう(笑).  今回の二つのmixはロスにあるミニマル・テクノーイベントInterfaceというかなりいいpartyのライブセットです。もう一つは、MNML SSGSというテクノーブロッグのために作られているmixです。ミニマルテクノーを好き方に大おすすめブロッグです。

Interface, who is looking to celebrate their 7th anniversary, throws some great minimal parties in LA.  Given that I moved out of LA exactly 7 years ago, I’ve never been able to make it to one of their parties, but you can see by their lineups and podcasts that they are worth every penny.  Definitely check their podcast for these mixes and many more.

Interface 26



This night was part of the Sandwell District label tour with sets by Regis and Function as well –  would have LOVED to have been here.  Great set from Silent Servant.

このイベントはSandwell DistrictというラベルのUS tourの一つでした。行きたかったな〜!Silent Servantのセットはばっちりです!

Silent Servant mix live @ Interface 26

(double click to play (may take a bit to load) or right-click and “save as” to download)

Sendpace Mirror (you can download here too)

The visuals at this party are fantastic – check the video.

more videos from Interface

Interface 22


This mix starts off a bit rough, probably first DJ of the evening technical difficulties or what have you, but 10 mins in and its good to go – typical Silent Servant goodness.

このmixの最初の10分はちょっと不安感があるけど、それからSilent Servantぽく、ナイスmixです。

Silent Servant mix live @ Interface 22

Sendpace mirror (you can also download here)


Last, but certainly not least, is a link to the latest mix Silent Servant made for MNML SSGS a couple months back.  First off, site should be at the top of your bookmark list if you’re into minimal techno – cream of the crop in my opinion.  Many thanks to the “sausages”.   Secondly,  this mix in particular is one of my favorites to come from Silent Servant – ever.  Fantastic.

そうして、最後はMNML SSGSさん達のexclusive Silent Servant mix.  MNML SSGS最高! 絵像クリック

click the image



1. Kim Rapatti (Mood EP/ Untilted II)
2. Decimal (Spatial Remedy)
3. Levon Vincent (Early Reflections)
4. Dave Hughes (From The Beginning)
5. JD power tools (B2)
6. Frozen boarder 01 (A)
7. Redshape (The Box)
8. Ben Klock (Grasp)
9. Planetary Assualt Systems (Mark Me)
10. N/A Variance (Marcel Dettmann edit)
11. Edit Select (Restrained)
12. Radio Slave (Neverending…)
13. Shena (T++ rmx)
14. Technose district ( killer record!!!)
15. Redshape (Plonk)
16. Abuser 1 (b2)
17. Silent servant (Violencia/Kalon mix)
18. Sleeparchive (Elephant Island)
19. Christian Morgenstern (Spiegelkerker)
20. Mark Broom (Black Russian)
21. Norman Nodge (Native Rhythm Electric)
22. Kirk Degiorgio (I Do Not Exist)
23. Maurizio ploy (UR mix)
24. CH-Signal Laboratories (Regis Edit/Sandwell District 12 )
25. Electromagnetic Dowsing / synth 1(Deepchord/Mike Huckaby mix)

June 5, 2009, 2:39 pm
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J Mendez (Silent Servant)

Distortion Mix cover

A~nd aGain we have some oh so goodness from J Mendez and his endless library of vinyl goodies.  The name says it all; DISTORTION.  Listen, love it, and envy the man’s record collection.

Animals and Men // Don’t Misbehave In The New Age.
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti // My Molly
Spider // Booze Town
Doctor Mix and The Remix //  Out Of The Question
Escapades //  I Tell No Lies
Cheap Time // Too late
Woven Bones // With You Alone
The Gun Club // Sex Beat
The Fuse // Breaker Breaker
Blank Dogs // The Threes
Vivian Girls // Tell The World
Religious Overdose // In This Century
The Crystal Stilts // Crippled Croon
The Jesus and Mary Chain //  Somethings Wrong
Suicide // Radiation
Dum Dum Girls // Put A Sock In It
The Clean // Point That Thing Somewhere Else
The Dovers // She’s Gone
Cabaret Voltaire // Messages Received
John Maus // Time To Die
NTX & Erica Thrasher ( Indian Jewlery ) // Chasing The Rats Out 7″
The Intelligence // Like Like Like Like Like
A Frames // Complications
The Models // Bend Me, Shape Me
Black Time // A Boring Day For The Boredom Boys


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