August 11, 2009, 1:36 am
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Immigrant Records 10th B-Day Mix


This mix was posted up just around the time of this party so I’m just assuming it was at least in part made for this occasion.  I can’t believe it’s already been 10 years for Immigrant.  I’ve been following Robin Porter and Immigrant Records since about the time it started up in southern California (my hometown), and it’s so fantastic to see that with all his hard work it seems the label is as strong as ever.  It seems the label has really found its place back home in the UK/Europe.  Robin’s always been a hell of a DJ and this mix I’m putting up now is definitely my favorite.  As always, riding the line between too minimal and too housey with finesse.    Congratulations Robin and Immigrant.

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10年前にイギリス出身Robin PorterはCaliforniaでImmigrant Recordsを作りました。あの頃ぐらい知り合って、友達同時にフアンになりました。このmixはImmigrant Recordsの十年記念日パーティのmixです。今までRobinのmixを沢山聞いていますが、今回のはたぶん一番タイプで、とてもいいmixです。

Robin Porter 10 year mix

Set List

01 Reebot vs Johnny D – Intro – Cocoon
02 Manuel Tur – Will Be Mine feat. Alexander East (Arto Mwambe Vocal Mix) – Freerange
03 Paul Hardy – Ninja Slipper (Sasse Dub) – Baker Street
04 Hermannstadt Collective – Andromeda (Jamie Anderson Remix) – Immigrant
05 Class 71 – Alba Adriatica (Move D ‘The Smoke In Your Eyes Mix’) – Four:Twenty
06 Gorge – Hakunyo (Original Mix) – Plastic City
07 Michael Melchner – White Carpet (Original Mix) – Cargo Edition
08 Dein Verlangen (Original Mix) – Eklo
09 Varoslav – All About Love (Original Mix) – Jetaime
10 Fegin – Budva (dOP Remix) – Diynamic
11 Peace Division – Eh Oh Um (Original Mix) – Tsuba
12 Hermannstadt Collective – Got To Be (Original Mix) – Immigrant
13 Sweet N Candy – Weird Hole (Original Mix) – Dumb Unit
14 Kenny Larkin – Wake Me (Original Mix) – Planet E
15 Lauhaus – Give It Up (Ray Okparalysed It Mix) – Remote Area
16 Volta & Salvatore Freda – Patatas Madras (Original Mix) – Freerange
17 Fish Go Deep – The Cure & The Cause (Dennis Ferrer Remix) – Defected
18 Reebot vs Johnny D – Outro – Cocoon


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