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AfroNight in Tokyo @ Drum Song 下北沢

So now that I’ve moved out of Tokyo I’d like to put up a few entries to say “thanks for the many good memories” to a few Tokyo spots, fellow djs, and people who came out to show their love for the music over the years.

This entry in particular is a shout out to everyone who made our tri-monthly event called AfroNight such an enjoyable little night.  The spot was an ALL reggae bar in Shimokitazawa called Drum Song.


今回のエントリは下北沢のDrum Songで行ったイベント「AfroNight」の皆さんへ送りたいです〜

まず、Drum Songのカオルさんにはものすごく感謝しています〜〜 このAfroNightが始まったのに年前からここで月一回ぐらいレゲーを回させました、、簡単な話と言うと、カオルさんのおかげで、僕の東京のDJ人生ができました。 そうして、バリバリレゲーのみの所なのに、たまにこのレゲーじゃないイベントを許してくれたのはありがたいです! めっちゃ楽しかったです!

The owner, and dear friend, was open enough to warm up to the idea of an OCCASIONAL non-reggae night when the idea was put to him by fellow Drum Song frequenteuer, Nozomi.  I think Nozomi was about 19 or 20 when I first met her and was just starting to buy some records, so MUCH props to her for putting together this night – and later this mix.  The theme of AfroNight was simply “black music” (that’s actually what the section is called at music stores here) other than reggae, mainly soul, funk etc…   These nights were always SO MUCH fun because they were only every 3 months or so, so we got lots of people to come out in force.  For me, it was just so much fun to play something other than reggae music.  I love me some reggae, but I never intended to be an all reggae dj, but that’s somehow how things worked themselves out while I was in Tokyo.  Anyways, thanks to everyone for this night, especially you Nozomi-chan! Thanks for inviting me to play!  Thank You Kaoru at Drum Song, Thank You AfroNight crew, and Thank You Tetsu!

このイベントはのぞみちゃんという最高にいい子のイベントでした。 初めて会った時ちょうどレコードを買う始めた所でしたかな、まだdjとかやったことがなくって、なので、このイベントを始まったのは本当にえらいと思います〜 そうして、ありがたい! AfroNightはレゲー以外のブラックmusicイベントでした;ほとんどsoul,funk,disco,R&B.  このイベントまで、東京でレゲーを回すチャンスしかなかったので、とってもとっても楽しかった! 誘ってくれてありがとう!!

Below are 3 mixes of music typical of the event from myslef, Nozomi, and Tetsu who was our special guest dj for our last event~

下にAfroNightのミックス3つあります。私のとのぞみちゃんのと、special guestTetsuさんのです。 (AfroNightに他のレグラーdjがいましたが、ミックスを手に入れなかったので。。この3つしかない)

AfroNight Mix 1 by me – miked

AfroNight Mix – miked (double click to stream/right click and save as)

This mix is all vinyl of mainly reissues except for a couple originals thrown in at towards the end.  A lot of the stuff can be found out about if you fish around the following labels, which I highly recommend you do, Truth & Soul, Now Again/Soul Cal, Daptone, and Numero Group. All of these labels have dug up some rare and amazing gems for reissue.  There are also a few tracks that were actually recorded relatively recently…over the past few years there have been some incredible releases in the revival soul/funk scene.  As to which songs are reissues and which are actually new recordings…I’ll leave that to you to figure out.

The mix takes you through some banging funk and gritty soul for a while and finishes up with some west coasty 70s goodness.  Great for a sunny day off.   – – There’s a fair amount of artist repetition going on in here, but the mix was just for fun and there were too many 7″s  where I just simply couldn’t decide between side A or B .

このミックスはほとんど再発のレコードです、最後のほうにちょっとオリジナル版も入ってますけど。。 この曲に興味があればこのレブルおすすめです.Truth & Soul, Now Again/Soul Cal, Daptone, and Numero Group. 全部本当に素晴らしい再発版を出しています.


The Detroit Sex Machines – The Stretch – Now Again

GP Reverbi -Sequence – 36 Funky 45s

Sharon Jones – 100 Days, 100 Nights – Daptone

Inell young – What Do You See In Her – Jazzman

Eddie & Ernie – Bullets Don’t Have Eyes – Ever Soul

Bob & Gene – You Gave Me Love – Mo Do

Eddie & Ernie – You Make My Life A Sunny Day – Ever Soul

Bob & Gene – I Can Be Cool – Mo Do

Bob & Gene – Your Name – Mo Do

Funky Music Machine – Gotta Clean Up The World – Black Top

Timothy McNealy – Funky Movement No. 2 – Truth & Soul

Black Velvet – An Earth Quakes Coming –  Truth & Soul

Binky Griptite and the Mellomatics – Mellomatic Mood – Daptone

Pieces Of Piece – Pass It On pt 1&2 – Twinight

Kashmere Stage Band – Super Strut – Now Again

Luther Davis Group – You Can Be A Star – Soul Cal

Kashmere Stage Band – Ain’t No Sunshine – Now Again

Ramp – Everybody Loves The Sunshine – Blue Thumb

Timmy McNealy – What’s Going On – Truth & Soul

Luther Davis Group – To Be Free – Soul Cal

Herbie Hancock – forget which song! – CBS

Sammy Gordon and the Hip Huggers – Making Love – Polydor 7″

AfroNight Mix 2 by Nozomi

It took me a while, but I finally convinced Nozomi to come over to my place and record this mix.  She always claimed to be too much of a beginner, but since the event was coming to end and I was moving back to Nagano – she came through.  Hope to hang out soon again Nozomi-chan!

のぞみちゃんは最初ちょっと自信なくって、ミックスを作るのはやってくれなさそうだったけど、やっと、家に来てくれた一発でとってもいいミックスを作ってくれました。そうして、やっとアップしています〜 ありがとうのぞみちゃん!

A great party mix that kept everyone dancing and wanting to drink more!


AfroNight Nozomi Mix (double click to stream/right click and save as)

The Mighty Tom Cats – Soul Makossa

Copa Salvo – la negra tomasa

Banda Black Rio – Miss Sherry

Experience Unlimited – Hey You

Clarence Reid – Along Came A Woman

Clyde King – Direct Me

Black Ivory – I Keep Asking You Questions

Sly & The Family Stone – Fun

Doobie Brothers – Long Train Running

Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive

Patti Austin – The Genie

Bumblebee Unlimited – I Got A Big Bee

Salsoul Orchestra – Run Away

Thelma Houston –  Saturday Night, Sunday Morning

Kool & THe Gang – In the Hear

The 3 Pieces – I Need You Girl

Curtis Mayfield – Miss Black America

Kokomo – Let Me Have It All

AfroNight Mix 3 by Tetsu

An Oursoundtracks favorite with his selections of all original Wackie’s vinyl, Tetsu-san also came through on our last event as a special guest.  He played two sets that night, the first kept the Jamaican vibe of our location while still maintaining the soul for the event.  The second was definitely more AfroNight-ish, but unfortunately I only have the first..which is a great set of tunes though..but still more reggae than what one might expect at AfroNight.

Oursoundtracks 人気あるTetsuさんがAfroNightの最後にspecial guest dj やってくれました。 Drum Songのレゲー雰囲気をまもりながら、jamaican soulでAfroNightにばっちりでした!

AfroNight Mix Tetsu (double click to stream/right click and save as)

Alton Ellis – Let’s Stay Together

Lloyd Tyrell – Let’s Get It On

Honey Boy – The Tracks Of My Tears

Ken Boothe – It’s The Way That Nature Planned It

Lloyd Walks – Feelings

Wayne Wade – Lady

Shelia Hylton – Don’t Ask My Neighbors

Marcia Aikens – When I Need You

Junior Tucker – Some Guys Have All The Luck

Horace Andy – Rock Me Baby

John Holt – Yester Day

Annette Clarke – Just One Look

Winsome – Am I  The Same Girl

Freddie McGregor – Why Can’t We Be Friends


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