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J Rocc – Blue Note Mixtape

*Note from OURSOUNDTRACKS – As much as possible, I try to avoid putting up mixes that I just found on the net.  However, there are times when some mixes just need to be shared, and this is one.  I’ve got about 3 mixes lined up to be recorded, but just haven’t had the chance to get them done.  Also have a couple mixes from friends I need to get up as well… BUT IN THE MEAN TIME, enjoy this scrounged mix.  Thank You Rappcats/Stone Throw.

*できるだけ、OURSOUNDTRACKSは友達や縁がある人の作品を使うとしています。ただネットで見つけたmixを使わないようににしていますが、たまに、よくってuploadせずにいられないmixがあるので、、、この時も PLEASE ENJOY!!    OURSOUNDTRACKSやOURSOUNDTRACKSの周りからのmixはCOMING SOON です!!

J.Rocc BlueNote

If you don’t already know, J Rocc is one of the premier DJs in the hip hop world.  Beat Junkie crew founder and Stones Throw Records‘ main DJ.  I’ve seen the guy play heaps of times back in LA, and at the Dilla Ruff Draft rerelease here in Tokyo…the man is the man.  Here again, he is taking us to school, bringing us some great Blue Note originals together with their later hip hop counterparts.  Nice! chilled out mix.

I found this mix originally on Rappcats, which is a great site for all kinds a goodies in the hip hop world; especially Madlib, Dilla, Doom etc. related stuff.  Make sure to check it from time to time.  Here’s what’s written about the mix:

Blue Note has just released “Droppin’ Science: Greatest Samples From The Blue Note Lab” – a collection of records from their back catalog which have been sampled for tracks by Dilla, Dre, Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Pete Rock, and many others.

J Rocc has these records and many of the records that sampled them, and J Rocc cannot stop making incredible mixtapes ….

つまり、Blue Note は昔から最高なjazzを出しっ放しレーバルである。 Hip HopにsampleされたBlue Note曲が山ほどありますので、最近Blue Noteがその有名なネタなった曲集めて“Droppin’ Science: Greatest Samples From The Blue Note Lab”というアルバムをリリースしました。 Stones ThrowのDJ J. Roccは元々このネタ曲やhip hop曲もあって、このmixを出しました。 とってもいい感じで、ぜひ、Check it OUT!!

The Mix


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