July 20, 2009, 5:17 am
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Blanco – Live mix in OURSOUNDTRACKS “studio” – Tokyo

Tokyo Train

This mix was thrown together spur of the moment by a friend of mine here in Tokyo.  A guy from France who I frequent many of the local reggae spots with.  We were getting our relax on at my place when I decided to have him hook his ipod up and make a mix using serato.  Turned out to be a good time and a great mix of heavy reggae/dub goodness.  The quality of some of the tracks can vary at times, but hey, it’s an ipod mix afterall.  Track List coming soon!

この間、フランス人の友達が僕の家に来て、ipodとserato使ってmixを作りました。このmixはド格好いいdub/roots沢山入っています、そうして、DJの有名なふざけている駅名mcも入り。。。最高な楽しいmix.  CHECK IT OUT!

Blanco Mix – In Tokyo


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