gjd – beast of the yellow night
December 15, 2011, 2:57 pm
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Beast of the Yellow Night  – GJD

I feel like I say  this every post, but it has been a real long time since posting anything up here.  Once again have been moving (still in Nagano, but moved into a house. yay.)  and a million other things.  Hope to have more stuff coming your way soon, but I’m making no promises. 

Writing stuff in two languages for the mixes is usually what takes the most amount of time, so this next mix is perfect for this season of little free time.

I don’t have so much to say about this mix other than it is really really good.  I’ve listened to it a ton and love it. A super super nice fellow from Australia, Will, I randomly met at an outdoor electronic music festival here in Japan made good on his promise to keep in touch and sent along this mix as a recommendation for the site.  It’s actually from a friend of his and this is the message Will sent along with the mix:

Here is a mix by my friend Glenn. He describes it as being Surf/Amazon/Zombie music. It is quite entertaining. Purpose wise it sums up some of the shenanigans that have occurred around at his place over the last few months.

It’s a lovely mix of underground Surf/Rockabilly/Tv/Country…HIGHLY recommend for those of you who love obscure sounding underground gems.  Not my area of expertise here, so I’m not quite sure how rare or not these tracks are..but they are outstanding none the less.


今回のミックスは今年のLabyrinthというフェスタで出会ったオーストラリア人からのミックスです。 彼の友達が作ったミックスだそうです。 私このミックスを何回も聞いたんだけど、まだまだいけそう。 とってもとっても面白っくて、私のタイプばっちり!ミックスを作った本人がSurf/Amazon/Zombie musicって説明したらし。。。そのとおり、変なRockabilly, Surf,Tv, and Country… 


Here lies the mix! (click & save)

No tracklist…sorry


Silent Servant Sonar Passalong
September 2, 2011, 2:54 pm
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Silent Servant mix for Sonar ’11


Silent Servant

While reposting some older Silent Servant mixes I thought I’d pass along one of his more recent mixes made for the Sonar Festival site.  Again, J. Mendez giving us an Oh so enjoyable peak at his records and influences.  ENJOY

Sandwell District – Untitled
Horrid Red – Pink Flowers
Nine Circles – The Rose
Chrome – Animal
Collin Gorman Weiland – Price of leather
Factory Floor – Lying
Chris Carpenter – Waterfalls
Peaking Lights – All the sun that shines
Collin Gorman Wieland – Curse
Maurizio – M7
Derrick May – Relic I
Raymond Scott – Nescafe
Throbbing Gristle – Distant Dreams II
Tropic of Cancer – A Color
Various Artists – No.3 (Debit)
Svreca – Obscur
Regis – Blinding Horses
Crescent – This World Is Not Our Home



Old Silent Servant III
August 29, 2011, 1:45 pm
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live @ re_invent


Below is as written for the original post in 2008.

(Can’t remember if this mix is from THIS Re_Invent party or not.  Check here for some other fliers)

The latest great selection of old and new minimal tracks. Absolutely delicious sounds as usual coming from Silent Servant. There are some Silent Servant/Jasper tracks mixed in there as well. Keep an ear out. THANKS again Mr. Mendez.

ま〜〜、またSilent Servantのミックスです ;) 今回はイベントのライブミックス。とってもいいミニマルテクノです〜〜

live @ re_invent mix – uploaded 07/15/08

old silent servant II
August 29, 2011, 5:25 am
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**Posting some mixes I put up a long time ago, but weren’t switched over when I changed the format of this site.**

Silent Servant mix from a while back

j mendez

a lowkey nodding mix of some classic minimal goodies (basic channel/chain reaction/maurizio etc..)   No play list, sorry…   This mix wasn’t made for Oursoundtracks, but I think this is the only place you’ll find it.  Was passed over to me maybe about 4 or 5 years ago, not sure when it was recorded though (Uh..right, as it says on the mp3 title, was recorded in April 07).  Enjoy and spread the word!

4年前もらったSilent Servantミックスです〜〜 Oursoundtracksのために作られたミックスではないけど、ここでしか聴けないと思います!  曲名はないけど、Basic Channel, Chain Reaction, Maurizio など、ミニマルな美味しさたっぷり〜〜

j mendez mix

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Dub Smokin
August 9, 2011, 2:08 am
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Tribute to ROOTS TANK and Dub Smokin


Dub Smokin was a great monthly event I used to play at while living in Tokyo.  The event got started before I came along, but I was later asked to become a regular dj for the evening.  The event was held every 4th Saturday at one of my all-time favorite reggae spots that was in Shibuya – Roots Tank.  To our dismay, Roots Tank was closed a couple years back and that eventually brought an end to this event as well.  The place was a relatively low-pro gem of Jamaican gettaway.  Great atmosphere on the 4th floor, LOUD system till morning, cheap drinks, usually no entrance fee, and an overall “anything goes” mentality made the place home to many a lawless night of fun.

I really wanted to get a few mixes from the regulars of the event, especially the organizer and dear friend Nametake, but for various reasons no one has pulled through thus far.  I was lucky enough, however, to get a super solid mix coming from Tetsu-san, who joined the event the last few times before Roots Tank closed; though his record collection outshines all of those whose names are on the flier ; )

We usually all played 2 45min to an hour sets.  I intended to make two mixes for this tribute, but have so far had only time for this one.  This mix represents what I might play towards the latter half of the morning, when peoples heads and feet have gotten a bit heavier.  The mix I still haven’t made yet would be more upbeat, perhaps with some  funk thrown in etc… So don’t get the impression that the evening was always this heavy.  This mix is basically heavy after heavy.  The beats are heavy and the lyrics are heavy.  Heavy on Rasta/Black liberation (to Zion).  I LOVE every track on here.

(Side note:  One of my American friends that I sent this mix to in the past once said “love the mix, but what the hell is that “nigger” track??”   Yes, there is a dub version of the song called “Every Nigger is a Star”.  Yes, there are songs about being black and black liberation.  Yes, I am as white as they come.  I make no claims to understand what it is like to be black and in no way consider myself to be an “honorary brother” of any kind.  I am also, obviously, not a Rastafarian.  All I can say is that this music, musically/lyrically/production-wise, moves my soul.  I only aim to share music that I love and that moves me, in hopes that it does the same to you.  I would be a greatly saddened if I ever offended anyone in the process.)

Tetsu’s mix is an excellent mix of 80s Roots original 12″s.  As I’ve mentioned before on two other posts from Testu (see: Wackie’s Origingal 45s Vol. I & Vol. II), the man has an insane record collection…a handful of some of his treasures would definitely be worth more than most of my entire collection.  In this mix you can enjoy the reggae 12″ single style of the original version followed by either the “DJ” version (where a “dj” mc’s over a dub of the original track) or a “dub version” of the original.  Dub, in case you may not know, was the product of the producer taking out most or all of the vocal tracks, messing with the all the other tracks and adding delay etc…to create a bugged out instrumental version of the original track.  The “DJ” style basically grew out of actual mcs at soundsystem parties mc-ing live over these dubs.  This was a hit at the dance parties and was then recorded in the studio.  To see some original dub production in action check out one of the masters at work HERE.

Dub Smokin Mix – miked

Bush Weed / Pauline / Uhuru 7″
Lambs Bread Collie / Light of Saba / Honest Jon’s 12″ single
Step It Out Of Babylon / Palmers Brothers / Hawkeye 7″
(Version B side) Exiting / Roots Radicks
Full Warning / I Roy / Fe-Me-Time 7″
Higher Field Marshall / The Wailers Band / PK 10″
My Guiding Star / The Heptones / Impact 7″
Jah Is My Guiding Star / Tappa Zukie / Stars 7″
Things Felt Right / Oj / Half Moon Records (PK9) 12″LP
Let’s Go To Zion / Winston Francis / Studio One 12″
Set Me Free / Dill Smith / Half Moon Records (PK9) 12″LP
Conquering Lion / Yabby You / 12″LP
Yabby Youth / Big Youth & Yabby You / Vivian Jackson 7″
Judge I Oh Lord / Tappa Zukie / Ivanhoe 10″
Freedom, Justice & Equality / Stranger Cole / Half Moon Records (PK9) 12″LP
Higher Field Marshall (Version) / The Wailers Band / PK 10″
Revolution / Leroy Sibbles / Wackie’s 12″ single
This World / Leroy Sibbles / Wackie’s 12″ single
Live And Love / Wayne Jarrett / Wackie’s 10″
Satan Side / Keith Hudson & Chuckles / Duke 7″
Peter & Judas / Earl Flute & Horace Andy / Mafia 7″
Every Dub Is A Star / Harry J’s Studio / Jamaican Recordings
Black Is Our Color (Version) / Wayne Wade / Vivian Jackson 7″
Black Is Our Color / Wayne Wade / Vivian Jackson 7″

80s Roots 12″ Original Press SIngles – Tetsu




今回のミックスはRoots TankとDub Smokinの思い出ミックス〜〜

閉店する前に渋谷にあったRoots Tankは本当に最高に楽しいレゲーバーでした。音がでかくって、マスター達がスーパーいい人達、朝までやっていて、なんでもありな感じでいつでもアットホームな気分でした。閉店したら、言葉にならないぐらい残念でした。Dub SmokinはNametake-sanがproduceした月一回イベントでした。イベントが始まってから半年から一年後に私がregular djとして誘われて、一年間ちかくdjやりました。本当に本当に楽しいイベントでした! 音楽のテーマがちょっとHeavyな感じ、dj達が皆楽しいKiller selectionを持ってきてくれたし。。。そうして、よく来てくれたあたたかいお客さんもいっぱいいたので。。。本当にいい思い出になりました! 皆にありがとう!

今回、Dub SmokinのDJ達にみんなにミックスを頼んだだけど、それぞれみんなが忙しくって、なかなかミックスを作る時間がないので、今回は私とTetsu-sanのミックスしかないけど。。。未来にもしかしたらCAPTAIN Nametake-sanのミックスが出来上がるかもしらないので、その時にまたアップします〜〜

私からのミックスは本当に重い感じで、夜遅い時間にかけるようなミックスで。。。Heavy Heavy Sounds… でも、Dub Smokinはいつもこんなに重いイベントではなかった全然。逆にだいたいいつもかなり盛り上がっていた。もしCaptain Nameのミックスが届いたら、その時に僕のDub Smokin “元気 version”のミックスを作りますので〜〜〜〜〜〜〜

そうして、Tetsu-sanのミックスは80s Roots Original 12” mix です! 最高! Tetsu-sanはRoots Tank閉店の少し前にDub Smokin regular djとして参加してくれたけど、Record collector的にキングでした。Tetsu-sanはよくテーマがあるセットを持ってきてくれて、こういう風に勉強になるミックスばっかりでした。過去にoursoundtracksにアップしたのOriginal Wackies Vol. I and Vol. IIもそうでした。是非きいてみてください!!


Old Silent Servant mix I
July 31, 2011, 3:47 pm
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**Posting some mixes I put up a long time ago, but weren’t switched over when I changed the format of this site.**

Cytrax Mix Tape – by J Mendez

Quite a long time ago I switched the format of this site to a blog format and in the process a lot of mixes that once were available haven’t been, so I’m slowly trying to put some back up.  Here’s one that Silent Servantfans should definitely check out if you didn’t hear it the last time it was up.  Also have a couple other Silent Servant mixes that have been unavailable for the same reason, stay tuned for those updates soon.

To techno/Sandwell District fans:This next mix is really coming out of the vaults. This was recorded from the original Cytraxcassette tape that must have come out around 96 or 97?  Side A Jon (Silent Servant) side B (Cytrax label co-founder) Tang.  I must say that it was J. Mendez and Tang playing stuff just like this at the SCI-Arc Halloween party, and then later this tape, that launched me headlong into a love for techno music. This tape hits hard and in all the right places – the bpms are true to the era. The sound is quite low-fi (mind your speakers on the low end), but again, it’s coming from one of the most listened to cassettes that I still have.

My tape deck isn’t functioning at the moment and I currently only have Jasper’s side in mp3 format…hope to get Tang’s side up soon.

To friends back in Southern Cal:  This is an old techno mix from a friend from the GG/Westminster hood.  SoCal never had much of a techno scene (all trance/house etc..) but this guy knew what was up with good electronic music before I was even able to not scoff at music without instruments.  We initially connected because we were both massive Smiths fans and realized we had a lot in common music wise.  However, Juan was always years ahead of me and had an insanely good record collection…so I was doing way more of the borrowing.  As I started getting into the underground dance music scene, around 95 or so, I started to realize, although the parties were a lot of fun…trance was just too cheezy and house had too much singing going on for me, and was therefore ripe to be blown away when I went to go see Juan, and Cytrax label partner Tang play at a SCI-Arc halloween party.  From that day on I jumped on Juan to show me all he knew about this minimal techno stuff.  I bought turntables and that was that (I became the lifelong closet dj that I am now).  The label they started, Cytrax, in Westminster, Orange County of all places, had an early partnership with John Tejada and later partnered up with Kit Clayton, both big names in the scene, for a whole slew of great releases that got their fair share of play and respect in Europe but was virtually unknown in the town and surrounding LA county that it came out of.  A few years ago, after a bit of a hiatus, Juan came up under a new name, Silent Servant,  and a new partnership with Regis and Function to form one of THE “hottest” labels in the minimal techno scene right now, Sandwell District (still relatively slept on stateside – as is most good techno).  A few years ago when Juan passed along some of this new stuff it woke up that love I had for minimal music that had long been asleep in me and I dusted off some of my old records and started looking around a bit at some newer stuff.  I was pleasantly surprised at the fact that there was some techno I could really dig on being made again.  Anyhow, I’m eternally grateful for all the good music Juan has shared over the years and am looking forward to what’s to come.

the Cytrax tape. Side A





Cytrax Mix Tape 日本語版

だいぶ前にこのサイトのformatを変えました。その時から見れなくなってミックスを意外とあったのど、ぼちぼち直そうとしています。今回はminimal technoやSilent Servant好きな方におすすめです〜

1995ぐらいから私がテクノやrave パーティにはまって、初めてdjの世界に興味をもった。残念ながら、ロスのelectronic musicはだいたいHouseかTranceだった。パーティが楽しかったけど、音楽的にちょっと物足りなかった。そのとき、高校時代の友達が知らない間にminimal technoがdjしていた事が知っていて、彼のイベントを見に行った。その夜から私のテクノやdjの人生が始まった。その友達 (Jasper)がロスで友達と自分たちのラベル “Cytrax“(1996~2003?)を出した。Cytraxのメンバーがもともと四人でした:Jasper (Silent Servant), Tang, Kit Clayton, and Jon Santos.  ロスにテクノシーンが全くなかったけど、だんだん CytraxやKit Claytonの名前がEuropeや日本まで広かった。

私的にこのminimal technoが詳しい人が周りにJasperしかいなかった。同じ近所に住んでいたので、よく彼の家にいって、色んな音楽の話をして、ものすごく勉強になった。私が2001-2002年ぐらいから好きなテクノレコードだんだんみつからなくなってきて、テクノちょっと諦めた。

それで、2007ぐらいこのサイトを始まって、色んな古いテクノミックスを聴いていて、またJasperに連絡とって彼の新しいミックスやレコード聴いて、また自分の中のテクノの火が再びに表した。2006か2007ぐらいからJasperが新し名前 Silent Servantで Regis, Female, and Functionのdj/producerの仲間とSandwell Districtというレベルで再びvinylをリリスした。そのSandwell Districtが現在のテクノ世界の中でめっちゃ熱いレベルになっちゃいました。。。

今回のミックスは1996か1997のCytrax mix tapeです。Side AがJasperで、Side BがTangだけど、今私のカセットデッキが動かなくってSide Aしかmp3なってない。この時代からテクノが好きな方に大歓迎!!



Hot Madras
May 23, 2011, 10:46 pm
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Hot Madras – all South Indian 7″s brought to you by Unconventional Science

(All photos, videos, and music, by Nick Everett)

I first became aware of Unconventional Science, Nick Everett, (producer, dj, and vinyl collector “from” LA ) in India by coming across the fact that he was selling some hot records from India that he was digging first hand and shipping back to LA.  Being utterly financially unable to buy much myself, I instead wrote asking if he might not mind doing a mix for a stranger with a humble little website.  And within a few weeks here we are  with some INCREDIBLE, and presumably largely unexplored jams/gems from Southern India.  I have been truly LOVING this mix lately….super excited to share it.

この間ネットで、インドにいるアメリカ人dj(Unconventional ScienceのNick Everett:ロスのdj兼プロデューサー兼レコードコレクター)が、現地で見つけたインドのアツい映画音楽のレコードを、アメリカ向けに売っているのを見た。それは皆が欲しがってるようなお宝レコードに間違いない。僕はすごい買いたいなと思ったけど、ちょっと貧乏すぎて無理なので、勝手に本人に連絡して、もし、この小ちゃいサイトのためにミックスを作ってくれたら、とっても嬉しいんだけど、と伝えてみた。


I asked the man himself a few questions about Unconventional Science and the mix below:

So what brings Unconventional Science to India?    How long will you be staying?  Was your purpose vinyl?

なぜインドにいますか? どれぐらいいるつもり? もともとレコード探すためにきたの?
Im over here finishing my cultural anthropology degree and was engaged in a ethnomusicology research project on Naga Rock and Roll.  I think I’ll stay here for a year which means my time here will end when my visa expires in January.  My purpose here was to explore the music of India and try to find some new sounds.  The vinyl is just kinda the material that represents the heart and soul of this trip.  Definitely have become addicted to traveling now though.. so Ima ride this out voyage out as long as possible.

大学のためにNaga Rock and Rollを研究中です。一年間いるつもり、来年の一月でビザが終わっちゃうので。目的はインドの音楽を探索して、新しいサウンドを発見することでした。この旅の魂を象る物質が、レコードというわけです。 しかし、旅に完璧にはまちゃって、できるだけ長く旅を延ばしていきたいと思います。

You’ve obviously been active as a DJ and producer for while.  Were you a heavy crate digger before coming to India?


Yea absolutely.  I used to DJ on the patio at Funky Sole which always provoked me to keep a diverse crate of records.  I’ve been into records since I was 14 which is 12 years ago now.  I wouldn’t say that I have the deepest crates but I definitely have a lot of choice cuts and work every day to expand that.  I love music and have pretty much dedicated my life to hip hop and vinyl so hopefully I can keep working to find a way to support myself on those things.

もちろん。ロスのFunky Sole(けっこう評判高い)というイベントで回していたので、けっこう深いクレート(コレクション)を集めなければならなかった。今26歳で、14歳からレコードを買い始めました。僕のコレクションが一番深いとは決して言えないけど、いいものであることは間違いない。そして、もっと深くて、幅広いコレクションにするために一生懸命頑張っています。僕が音楽が大好きで、ほぼ自分の人生をヒップホップやレコードに捧げたので、できればそれで食べていけるように努力しています。

What’s the overall digging experience in India?  Do places tend to know what they have or are you just finding stuff randomly?  Any crazy record stories?

インドでレコードを発掘するという経験はどういう感じですか? レコード店自体は、いいものかだいたい分かっている? 

There are definitely some disgusting places to dig for records.  I had one attic I was going through that was full of all kinds of vermin.  All kind of records were eaten away by rats and cockroaches.  A few dudes here in Delhi really know their shit but most have a pretty skewed view of whats valuable.  Its always a battle with pricing but I’ve found a lot of really amazing stuff that Im super excited to bring back to the states.  Really looking forward to going down south in the next month to really dive in deep to the Kollywood record scene.

もちろん店にも行くけど、店だけじゃなくて、たまに本当に汚いところにもレコードを探しにいきます。あるとき、屋根裏部屋へ探しにいったんですが、ネズミとゴキブリだらけでした。レコードまで食べられていました。店の場合は、たまに何がいいか悪いのかがちゃんと分かっているオーナーがいるけど、その場合でも、価値に対する値段の付け方がおかしくて、 いつも値段のことで交渉しなきゃいけないけど・・・。今月南インドに行ってKollywoodのレコードシーンにどっぷりつかるのを本当に楽しみにしています。

Finally, a synopsis of the mix you’ve laid down for Oursoundtracks:

This is a compilation of south Indian 7″ records from the late 70s and early 80s, specifically  – 1979-1983 in Tamil Nadu. India’s modern music industry has almost always released music in the form of film soundtracks. It is for this reason that the music is so grandiose in nature. The Bollywood film industry was centered in Bombay, which is now named Mumbai, but there were other lesser known industries in Pujab, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Orissa, and more. Most notable of these were the films from the south centered in Madras which is now known as Chennai. They called it Kollywood, this was because of the Kodambakkam neighborhood which served as the center of the film industry of the south. The music is loose and energetic but is also laced with South Indian classical music which added a beautiful depth to the songs. The results were often loud drum machines, low fidelity synths, strings, flutes, and other funky elements put it for good measure. It feels like Bollywood without the kitsch. The epic nature of the compositions remain but the sound is much more raw. The stripped down garage studio sound is juxtaposed by funky arrangements for 20 piece ensembles is a wonderful aesthetic. The sounds are a fusion of musical styles rather than the one after another style found in most bollywood arrangements. This adds a much more consistent tone to the songs and leads to more organic sounding songs. These are a few records from this genre I found in an attic in Delhi. Not sure how rare they are but the music of South India is still largely unexplored. Get down to the funky traditional sound of Kollywood! 

このミックスは南インド70年代後半や80年代前半の45版ミックスです。インドの現代音楽はほとんど映画のサウンド・トラックの形で作られています。だからインドの音楽は自然と大掛かりなものになります。現在の地名はムンバイですが、主にインドの映画はボンベイという場所で製作されているので Bollywood(もちろんハリウッドにちなんで)と呼ばれています。ほとんどインド音楽が好きな人々はそこがメインと思っていますが、実はもっと知られていない小さな規模で製作されていたインド映画もあり、例えばパジャブ、ウェストベンガル、ラジャスタン、オリッサなどなど・・・。その中で最も興行を成功させていたのが、南インドのマドラスでした(現在:Chennai)。その映画製作の中心地がKodambakkam という場所だった為、それはKollywoodと呼ばれています。その音楽は、インド映画音楽らしく大げさでエネルギーに溢れていますが、それとともに南インドのクラシック音楽も織り込まれている為、美しい深みが加わっています。うるさいドラムマシーン、程度の悪いシンセサウンド、弦、管と・・・ちょっとおかしないろいろな物を念の為に入れる、という感じ。Bollywoodーキッチュ=Kollywoodといえば早いだろうか?壮大な曲の構成は残っているものの、音のクオリティはかなり低い。そのクオリティの低い、ガレージのようなスタジオで作り出される音はしかし、ビッグオーケストラが奏でるファンキーなアレンジと相まって非常に素晴らしい。このジャンルの数枚のレコードを、デリの屋根裏部屋で見つけました。これらがどれくらい貴重なものなのかはよくわからないが、南インドの音楽は未だにほとんど発見されていません。このファンキーな、そして伝統的なKollywoodサウンドを是非楽しんで!!

Please help support Unconventional Science by picking up his new album here. (Only 7$ for some tight beats!)   All money will go directly towards new finds in India ; )

Unconventional Science を応援して下さい!! ここで新しいアルバム7$で買えます!

Hot Madras mix – Kollywood 45s!

Download or Stream Mix HERE!  ミックスはここです

Tracklist?  yeah, I wish too ; )

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