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music to remember BOB by


i play once a month at a super sweet reggae bar here in tokyo called drum song this place has been my home away from home – Kaoru-san! DOMO DESU!! anyways, on May 11th, 1981 the world lost Bob Marley, and I just so happened to be playing a set at drum song that evening, so here’s what i put together. it’s not all bob marley songs, and only the first half or so is even bob related, but thats just how i kicked off the set. it was quite nice too, everyone had their lighters up for the first song. ha. for you heavy heavy reggae heads, stay tuned for the second half of the set…some wicked wicked tunes if i do say so myself…ahmen to the PK label. all vinyl except the first two tracks. このセットは5月11日に下北沢のドラムソングで回した。その日はBob Marleyなくなったの日なので。。。ちょっと ”we love you bob”のセットでした。前半だけだけど。 最初の曲からみんな火を上げてください!!

bob marley – selassie is the chapel

bob marley – forever loving jah
the chequers – get up, stand up
jacob miller – i’m a natty
ini kamoze & damian marley – world a jamrock (daddy g remix)
sparky – bring it back
early b – visit of kink selassie
stamma rank – taurus special (cuss cuss) – basic replay label
tappa zukie – jah is my guiding star – stars label
jackie edwards – so jah sey – gordon label
bob marley – satisfy my soul
baba leslie and mark – black horns – wackies label
lloyd charmers – darker than blue – PK label
carl bradney – slipping into darkness – PK
junior soul – super love – PK
leroy smart – love and happiness – PK
every dub is a star / dubbing at harry j’s 1972-75 – Jamaican Recordings label

RIP Bob Marley mix



music to get married by

SO, i just got married! here’s a little mix i made in stead of a dj. it was mainly just background music for when all my family members weren’t up there singing and making a fantastic wedding. it probably went largely unnoticed by most…except for a few of the aficionados in the crowd. so, for any who were there and curious about what exactly was playing, and for those who weren’t but enjoy a good mix of early soul, jamaican soul and reggae…here you are.

UPDATE – Based on this mix, the owner of my favorite local reggae dive in Shimokitazawa, DRUM SONG, and I decided to throw a wedding party with the whole night being themed around early soul/jamaican love songs.  We then made CDs of this mix (which you can now find below) and passed them out to all the guests.  A good good time it was!

Wedding Soul Mix – miked

Lennie Hibbert – Montego Rock
Timmy McNealy – I Am Glad You’re Mine
Brenda & The Tabulations – Hey Boy
The Rockmasters – Raining Teardrops
Lennie Hibbert – Moonlight Becomes You
Lil’ Bob – My Heart’s on Fire
Dennis Alcapone – The Wedding Song
Jimmy Cliff – Come Into My Life
The Melodians – Come On Little Girl
Alton Ellis – La La Means I Love
The Joytones – This Love That I’m Giving You
Linnie Hibbert – Can’t Take My Eyes Off You
Jennifer Lara – ?? – Off the ‘Studio One Presents’ album
Carlton and The Shoes – Sincerely Yours
Ebony Sisters & Mudies All Stars – Let Me Tell You Boy
Tony Gregory – Get Out Of My Life Woman
Delroy Wilson – Have Some Mercy
Carlton and The Shoes – Love Me Forever
Gregory Isaacs – Darling I Need Your Loving
Jennifer Lara – A Woman
Pat Kelly – It’s a Good Day
Timmy McNealy – What’s Going On
Johnny Osbourne – We Need Love

for sunny days off

this mix was in prep for playing at a small event we put on in Nagano last year; to see how the tracks went together. luckily it turned out ok enough to keep. old reggae and Jamaican funk. goes from toasted “DJ” style tracks through funk, rocksteady reggae; with a few James Brown tracks thrown in in honor of. i haven’t gotten around to putting the playlist together yet, maybe i will someday, or if asked. this is all vinyl except for the JB tracks. please download/stream and enjoy.

Jamaican Funk & Reggae (mix by miked)

for stoney days off

this set was recorded while i was living in Oakland. at that time i had recently decided to start buying some reggae, mainly re-pressed 7″s. this was my first ever reggae mix;playing nearly every7″ I had at the time. this set is all 7″s and is mainly heady roots-reggae and some dub. as with the Funk mix above, i can’t mix reggae and don’t have any effects so this is basically just playing one song one after the other with a concentrated effort to make that transition as painless as possible. this set is dedicated to sitting in Golden Gate Park eating avocado/cheese subs from Yellow Submarine with R. Rosen…homesick

Roots Reggae 7″s (mix by miked)


miked (oursoundtracks)

music for nodding

these are two of a 3-part “series” called Tribecca (named after the person responsible for getting my head back into hiphop at the time). this “series” consists of three different sets i made over the period of a year. i had never played hiphop before and went out and just bought a half a crate’s worth of used records one day and started from there. a techno dj trying to play hip hop. the first two parts (first one not up here yet) were made in LA (6-7 years ago) just after delving into hiphop mixing, and, it shows. I CANT SCRATCH. the third was made some months later in oakland and shows a slight improvement in mixing. all of these mixes were one-offs for practice and never intended to be shared…some songs i would choose to leave off if i could, some mixes and scratching i would edit out…but in the end, oh well, they are just here to be listened to for laughs and good music.

part II gets a little dark in the middle but ends on some funner old school

Tribecca II (mix by miked)

Tribecca III (mix by miked)


miked (oursoundtracks)

so initially i bought turntables to play techno music. This was the final mix I made while still living at my parents house – wow – so long ago. I moved out around ‘99 or ‘00 so this mix must be from around then. You can tell it’s dated by the fact that it was recorded in two 45min halves in order to be put on tape. I initially played fairly aggressive stuff, but this mix marked my departure into a bit mellower realm of techno…heavy on keys. This mix probably consists of 50% or more of california artists (such as..Kit Clayton, John Tejada, Dean DeCosta), but also includes a healty dose of others. There are quite a few tracks from Force Inc’s “Force Lab” series, some Robert Hood, Jeff Mills, Chain Reaction..etc. Side B gets a little more aggressive. As with all of my mixes on here, they were practice mixes, not intended for sharing, but so much time has passed, and I never got around to re-attempting any of them…so enjoy the good sounds along with the mistakes.

Side A starts with a long intro of an old Kit Clayton track (that I believe might have been meant to be played at 45, but I always liked it on 33) that goes into a Mouse On Mars track, then back into another Kit Clayton track off the Plug Research “Lunch Box” series..before we start getting into some beats.

LowKey Techno 1999/2000? side A (mix by miked)

LowKey Techno 1999/2000? side B (mix by miked)

some techno from the vaults

i just recorded this mix yesterday. i’m still getting used to my new recording set up so i think some of the tracks were recorded a bit hot, I apologize for any distortion. i haven’t played techno music for about 7 years and this is my first attempt at getting back in the game. i also haven’t bought new techno records in about 7 years, so everything on here is old, but NOT outdated : ) the mixing is still rough, but if i wait till i record a perfect mix i’ll NEVER get anything up here. This set is quite dark and minimal, gets your head moving, but in a bang it against the wall kinda way. Stay tuned for one that gets your head AND feet moving.

d’julz – runny (berkson & what remix) – poker flat
davebot – bang a gong – creation rebel
john tejada – time bomb – seventh city
velocette – i feel (reexamined by john tejada) – parallel
todd bodine & ludwig coenen – concrete itch – highgrade
brother from another planet aka c. young – acid wash conflict -seventh city
sutekh – preset – plug research 10″
jasper aka silent servant – ??? deconstructed by oliver ho – delay 02
jasper aka silent servant – forward – forcelab
suburban knight – the warning – UR
robert hood – museum – m-plant
g-man – quo vadis – i220
g-man – zeno – i220
maurizio – domina – (m series)
robert hood – grey move – m-plant
marco caroloa – side b1 – 5th in question series
theorem – chernobyl – m-nus
phon.o – side a – cytrax #17

7 years-buri minimal techno mix – miked




This mix I put together while my wife was a manager at a LEGO store here in Japan.  The store was sent music from the head office, which sometimes worked with the stores atmosphere, but often didn’t.  This mix among others we put together became part of the rotation.

We both are big Stereolab fans, so I just grabbed some songs from a few different albums and there you have it.  These are not necessarily my “favorite” Stereolab songs of all time, just ones that I thought would go nicely with the store.  If you are big Stereolab fan and have most of their albums, this mix won’t do much for you.  However, IF you are relatively new to Stereolab, this is a nice mix to start out with.  IF YOU HAVEN’T HEARD MUCH STEREOLAB, I URGE YOU TO DO SO.  Easily the most consitant band on my top 10 list over the past 15 years or so. A mix of krautrock(NEU!), 60s french pop, and lounge…post-rock icons.

このmixはStereolabと言うバンドのmixです。UKから1991最初リリース出した最高ないいバンドです。NEU!と60s french popを混ぜたら、こういうなるかな。。。Vocalは女二人、フランス語+英語で歌います。


是非〜Check it Out!


Track List

Fuses – Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage in the Milky Night – 1999

Blips Drips and Strips – Cobra and Phases

The Spiracles – Cobra and Phases

The Emergency Kisses – Cobra and Phases

Come and Play in the Milky Night – Cobra and Phases

Brakhage – Dots and Loops – 1997

Miss Modular -Dots and Loops

Diagonals – Dots and Loops

Prisoner of Mars – Dots and Loops

Refractions in Plastic Pulse – Dots and Loops

Parsec – Dots and Loops

Ticker-Tape of the Unconscious – Dots and Loops

Contronatura – Dots and Loops

Olv 26  – Emperor Tomato Ketchup – 1996

Emperor Tomato Ketchup – Emperor Tomato Ketchup

Des Etoiles Electroniques – Mars Audiac Quintet – 1994

The Stars of Our Destination – Mars Audiac Quintet

Watch – NEU!  “Hallogallo”

Now Watch Stereolab’s “Jenny Ondioline



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Hi Mike,

I met you last night in Cheekys(right spelling?) bar. It was great talking with you.

Anyhow your site has a lot of mixes. I’ve tried a couple but will explore it further in due time. By the way, what format are the recordings in? Presumably Mp3 but how about the originals? Are they recorded as WAV or AIFF files?


Comment by Jim Henderson

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