Rule No. 1: If you download/listen to something PLEASE leave a comment.  It gets lonely out here.

RULE No.2: If it’s RED, you can click it. Music will play or you will be taken somewhere.

“soundtracks” are categorized by GENRE or by DJ over there to the left.  just click on a category. then, just click the red link to stream or “right -click” the link and choose “save link as…”, and you can download the whole mix to listen to when and where you please. ENJOY!

**Streaming can be SLOW to start.  If you have even a slightly slow connection, you may get error messages.  In this case, you can either try a couple more times (it usually works), OR, just download the thing.  It saves on lots of hassle.**

please USE this site. not only will it just be funner to run this thing for me to have lots of people participating, but I also want it to be a service of sorts for you. especially djs who don’t always have cds on hand, but want to share their mix with someone. here’s a free way to host your mix online.  However, by no means do you have to be a dj.  Any mix you have made for someone or received by someone and you feel  is worth sharing with others, by all means.  That’s what the site is here for.

if you are interested in sharing your mix or one that you received, please contact me: dmavis @ gmail.com


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Wow Mike, I can’t wait to here all this incredible music! Love you

Comment by Anna

I meant Hear!! not here!

Comment by Anna

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