June 29, 2009, 12:57 am
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This site did not originally function as a blog, so MOST of the mixes are not on this front page here.  I don’t have the time or energy to repost them all in order for them to show up on the main blog page. BE SURE TO EXPLORE THE MIXES VIA THE GENRE OR DJ categories over there to your left.




May 15, 2009, 3:02 am
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RIP Imawano Kiyoshiro 忌野清志郎

“The King Of Japanese Rock n Roll”

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It’s hard to describe this for those who don’t know anything about the man, but on May 2nd, 2009, Japan lost a legendary rock god; a true rock n roller, Imawano Kiyoshiro 忌野清志郎.  He started in the 70s with his band RC Succession…and just kept going. He died at 58.  It’s of course impossible to simplify it into these terms, but basically he was Japan’s John Lennon/Mick Jagger/Bowie … something along those lines. When I first heard his music I wasn’t hooked right away, but the more my girlfriend told me about him,  and the more I could understand the lyrics and what he was all about, I fell in love with the man. As far as “overall awesome guy” and true artist goes, he’s definitely my favorite musician in Japan.

On May 9th, 2009 a public funeral was held for him in Aoyama, Tokyo. From AT LEAST 9am to the last train at 12:30 at night people lined up to pay their respects. People waited up to six hours to get in, and an estimated 40,000 people attended.

It was a BEAUTIFUL event and I am SO glad I went.

Here are some crappy videos I took on my cell phone from inside the event.  These videos are what you would see after waiting somewhere between 3.5 to 7 hours to get in the place.

Here are some more photos I took from the event; again, crappy cell phone camera.  Sorry.


The end of the “short” Line.










Lastly, let me put a video or two up of the late, great Imawano Kiyoshiro.

First, note the helmet, same as the crowned picture above.  This is a legendary TV performance of the song “Timers” .  It’s a cover of The Monkeys with the lyrics changed to a song about Marijuana; this is especially bad ass being that it’s Japan and on TV. 大麻 or Taima means Marijuana.  He then goes into a song just destroying FM TOKYO, the radio station that had banned his music (sales of his cds were also banned) for having a song that was anti-nuclear and a crazy punk version of the national anthem Kimi ga Yo. (From my understanding the national anthem is a song praising the emperror saying “Kimi ga Yo” = “The world is Yours”.  Kiyoshiro basically says  “The world is yours (the people), the world is mine, the world is all of ours”)   The way he tears into FM TOKYO is outlandish, hilarious, and I can’t believe it was allowed on TV.

An incredibly touching version of Imagine.

A lyrically amazing anti-government version of Love Me Tender.  With a painful, tear-jerker of a phrase at the end after bashing the government saying ” but Oh My Darling, I love you, and I want to live a long life…”

Not sure if this entry will mean much to those who don’t speak Japanese/don’t know or care about this guy, BUT personally, I can barely watch the videos without tearing up.


November 22, 2007, 2:33 am
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Hey Hey Hey Everyone…

So this my first post at attempting to bring the “blog” element into this site here.  It is run from a blog server after all.  Until now the home page of OURSOUNDTRACKS has stayed the same, much like a regular webpage.  However, as of today,  I will post all new mixes on this front page, like a blog.  I will also be posting some other random thoughts, videos, non-mix mp3s and what not as well.  The mixes will still be kept in genres off to the left so in a sense nothing has changed except what used to be the “NEW” category will just become this front blog page.  Hope you all continue to enjoy it and PLEASE, spread the word.  AND, if you listen to something, or enjoy the site, please leave a comment!  It gets lonely out here in cyber land.



representing the new contruction taking place here at OURSOUNDTRACKS

a fantastic tongue in cheek video

***viewer discretion is advised: this video is rediculous***

November 21, 2007, 5:22 am
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in the spirit of mix-tapes, oursoundtracks is a place to share sound-collages. displaying everyday peoples’ love for music and sound, and those around them…both made plain in the very need to share. like a film soundtrack making the images and the audience one, we hope to achieve the same when we share our own “soundtracks” with those around us.

oursoundtracks hopes to gather any music or sound made to share. from dj mixes to everyday (non-mixed) mix cds.

all “soundtracks” will be streamable and downloadable at no charge to the share-er or the share-ey.

this is about sharing, so without all of you, this space won’t grow. please tell your friends!!

SO – let’s press REC – for eachother.


June 28, 2007, 6:16 am
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Rule No. 1: If you download/listen to something PLEASE leave a comment.  It gets lonely out here.

RULE No.2: If it’s RED, you can click it. Music will play or you will be taken somewhere.

“soundtracks” are categorized by genre over there to the left in the PAGES section. just click on a category. then, just click the red link to stream or “right -click” the link and choose “save link as…”, and you can download the whole mix to listen to when and where you please. ENJOY!

please USE this site. not only will it just be funner to run this thing for me to have lots of people participating, but I also want it to be a service of sorts for you. especially djs who don’t always have cds on hand, but want to share their mix with someone. here’s a free and unique way to host your mix online.

if you are interested in sharing your mix or one that you received, please contact me here.

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