Wackies Originals Vol. II  – by Testsu

Let me first apologize for being completely MIA for a while.  I moved out of Tokyo and back to the mountains…have been working night and day on starting a new business, and just had a kid last month…  I have lots of mixes waiting to be put up, I hope I’ll be able to get around to them all soon enough.

最近忙しくって全然サイトをいじる時間全くなくってすみません〜〜〜〜〜! 東京から長野へ戻って、自分の学校を開いて、そうして子供できました。ミックスを沢山たまっているので、ガンガンアップしたいですけど。。。頑張ります!

Today’s mix I’ve really been looking forward to sharing.  Vol 1 of Wackie’s Originals was one of the most highly downloaded mixes here at Oursoundtracks.  I explained most of my thoughts on the Wackies studio and Tetsu-san in the entry for Vol. 1. so I won’t go through ALL my thoughts again here.  I’ll just add a quick thought or two below.




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