Dublab.jp Test-Run Radio Mix by miked
October 6, 2013, 2:00 pm
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Dublab.jp Test-Run Radio Mix by miked

dublab radio

First radio style mix I ever made, talking while keeping the turntables ready is definitely a task that takes some getting used to. This was for live broadcast at dublab.jp. Dublab.jp just got up and going and has been broadcasting every Wed. night from 8-10pm (Tokyo time). I broadcast an hour every month or two. このミックスは僕の初ラジオ(喋りながら)ミックスです、まだなれが必要です〜 Dublab.jpの毎週水曜日8-10pmやっている生放送のために作 りました。僕は長野県に住んでいるので、二ヶ月いっぺんぐらいなペースで参加しています。 是非dublab.jpをfollowしてください〜

In trying to keep both the international audience and the Japanese audience in the loop,  speak a bit of both…  Also, it was recorded in one shot and much of the time the volume on the speaking parts is too quite..thanks for your understanding.

The weather had been rainy so the first half of the set is rather mellow, just setting a mood. The second half gets way more beat oriented with some well known artists and locals as well.
Enjoy! You can hear and download the whole two hour program (second half by the great AZZURO) here: http://dublab.com/mike-davis-and-azzurro-dublab-jp-radio-test-run-live-from-malmo-tokyo-04-24-13/ ミックスを作った日が雨でしたので、前半はけっこうゆっくりな感じで、後半はビートが入ってきます、聴いてみてください。一発で録音したので、喋ってる時のvolumeが低すぎる場合が多いです、すみません。

My mix only:

Right click and save as to DOWNLOAD

Track List

(Intro) Brokeback / Returns to the Orange Grove / Thrill Jockey 7″
1. King Crimson / Trio – Starless and Bible Black
2. Vincent Gallo / I Wrote This Song For The Girl Paris Hilton / When
3. Pink Floyd / Julia Dream
4. キセルmeets細野晴臣 / しんしんしん
5. Stereolab and The High Llamas / Jumbleo Palipsest / Turn On
6. Mia Doi Todd / Under the Sun / Cosmic Ocean Ship
(Speaking Interlude) Monade / ode to a keyring
7. Shalimar (ST) / Title Music
8. RZA – Untitled#12 (Free Jazz) / Ghostdog film score (released in Japan)
9. Yesterday’s New Quintet / Conquistador / Medicine Show
10. Teebs / for phil
11. Bun / JoniJoniJoni
12. Bun / Idoidoido
13. Repeat Pattern/Broke / king of the Concrete / Badminton Club
14. Repeat Pattern / Knock Knock / Cascade Records CR006
15. Cupp Cave / Mind Bones / Dice Pool Ep
16. Koutaru Fukui / Travia


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