60s 70s Soulful Jamaican Rocksteady, Soul, Early Reggae
December 6, 2012, 5:09 pm
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60s 70s Soulful Jamaican Rocksteady, Soul, Early Reggae mix by miked

Roy+Shirley    Alton Ellis

This is a mix of all 45s, some originals (most in shoddy condition) and but mainly re-issues.  Musically, I would say the theme is Soul influenced Rocksteady and Reggae, but there are some straight up good ol’ reggae tunes as well.  My intent wasn’t to put together a Jamaican soul mix, rather  I just gathered some core soulful tunes I knew I wanted in the mix and built around that vibe. Good tunes for a slow skank on a Sunday!

I also somewhat intentionally built the mix around lyrical content as well.  Trying to touch on a few major hot topics found in Jamaican music…love, spirituality, social consciousness, marijuana, and good vibes; in that basic order.   Musically I feel like this is the kind of mix I could listen to on a Sunday morning or afternoon with my kids, however, lyrically there are a couple shady ones in their.  Of course, this is a another major part of the genre so I’m happy to have it in there.  The main tracks I’m talking about are; the first track whose sexual innuendo, if you can even call it that, is comically outlandish; there’s a Wailers track condemning women as “the root of all evil”, and there’s the marijuana track that you may not want your 8 year old singing along to…  Therefore, I even have put up a “clean” version which eliminates the first track and the marijuana track haha.  The full version of course is recommended.

At any rate, if you enjoy the mix, please spread the word about the word and this site.  Much love to everyone and thanks for listening and reading.

このミックスは全部7″で、オリジナル版もあるけど、ほとんど再発です。このミックスはだいたいSoulに影響されたRocksteady&Early Reggae.  気持ちよく踊ってください〜〜!


Max Romeo – Hole Under!
The Maytones – As Long As You Love Me
The Wailers – Soon Come
Ebony Sisters & Mudies All Stars – Let Me Tell You Boy
Slim Smith – You Will Believe??
Roberta Sweed – Something Burning
Noel Bailey – Lonely Girl
Alton Ellis – You Are Mine
Pat Kelly – How Long
Alton Ellis – You Are Mine
Lloyd Clarke – Love You The Most
Keith Poppin – Time Slipping Away
Alton Ellis – Big Bad Boy
The Starlites – Dip Them Jah Jah
Bob Marley – Adam And Eve
The Melodians – Come Ethiopians Come
Junior Byles – King Of Babylon
Roy Shirley – Prophecy Fulfilling
Ken Boothe – Freedom Street
Roy Shirley – Flying Reggay
Pat Kelley – Try To Remember
Lloyd Clarke – Summer Time
Bob Marley & The Wailers – Mellow Mood
Bob Marley – Wisdom

Download the mix HERE by right clicking and SAVE

“Clean” Version HERE

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