The New Human 新しい人間 mix by Moorieman
September 22, 2012, 4:01 pm
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The New Human 新しい人間 mix by Moorieman

Here’s a mix from one of the longest contributors to this site and someone who I always take great joy in sharing music with.  This mix was made in 2006 in Berlin and rings of nostalgia for me in many ways.  It has some tracks from artists that were favorites of mine in years gone past (not that they still aren’t favorites).  Lots of goodness in here that you won’t here everyday, definitely check it out.

Here are words from Moorie on the mix:

“Between beauty and noise. That was my life back then. I fell madly in love. I confronted my fears and suddenly everything was possible. I felt like a new human with limitless creativity, ideas and energy. Although there was a lot of disturbing noises everywhere around I lost myself in inspiration. Music and love, that was the beauty I had always looked for. And there it was ready for the taking. My love for inspirational music that invades your mind and gives you that feeling of being liberated, being melancholic, sometimes destructive – all this gave me the idea of what it means to be a human being. It’s all about your emotions…   Between beauty and noise. Between life and death… . A beautiful memory of things that could have been, but in the end only the noise remained and the music.

このミックスはoursoundtracksでけっこ前からミックスを送ってくれたりする友達Moorieさんからです。Moorieはドイツの出身の音楽マニアック。ジャンル広くって、センスばっちりcloset djです。
このミックスは2006年に作られた。自分の中の革命起こされる愛を出会った時期に作ったいう話しです〜 本人がすごく日本の音楽が大好きで、詳しいんで、日本の曲もfeatureしたりするから、是非聴いてみてください〜

Approximate track list:

dario marianelli – evey reborn 
 japanese synchro system – pure finger in deep river
boris – parting       
michael andrews – the tangent universe
terry callier  – 900 miles
mas – griph miroque’s edit
piana  –  snow bird
charalambides – our bed is green
boredoms   – super are
aerial m  – confessions for m
nido – elilis
shuji inaba – fate & fortune
icarus – essen
joanna newsom – monkey & bear
nel hate – pure tree (tuffeted puffin version)

Listen/Download Mix Here  ミックスここです


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