Fruiting Bodies @ Bonobo
May 13, 2012, 4:40 pm
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Fruiting Bodies mix @ Bonobo in Tokyo by miked

So last week I had the pleasure of playing at the first event put on by dublab.JP.  This is the soon to be functioning Japanese arm of Dublab, which is certainly an exciting development for the Japanese music community.  I also had the pleasure of playing along side two of my favorite “local” djs in Tokyo Dj Shhhhh and Hara Masaaki and two great film/animation creators from the states Overature and Jordan Kim along with Kabeyah and Michael J. Foks.  The event was one of the smaller of a few events Overature where doing while here in Japan and was held at a small, but fantastic location: Bonobo.  It has a cozy atmosphere and an impeccable sound system. The people were all truly great and supportive.  I had a wonderful time listening and watching the performances and talking to customers, staff and artists.

For me, this was perhaps my first time to dj out somewhere and not play a set of strictly one genre.  Sure I’ve played some funk and soul in reggae sets, and jazz in hip hop ones, but for this event I was more focused on just creating a certain kind of mood rather than sticking to a genre.  However, although there are various genres of music the set is of course still limited by that mood I was trying to create; so it’s not really an all genre mix either.  Still, I’ve pretty much never had the chance to play most of this stuff out anywhere so it was sooo much fun, and I really hope to be able to have more chances to play sets that push my boundaries more.

One downside for me and playing a more free-form set is that I couldn’t keep it all vinyl.  I love me some records, and this was my first time using cds in public before.    I’m a massive fan of all genres of minor music, but due to limited funds have mainly collected records of the genre that I was able to play out in public most at any particular period in my life.  Therefore, as far as records go, I have a healthy amount of Reggae, Soul/Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Minimal Techno.  All other genres are sparse.  In the last two years I’ve started my own struggling business and had a daughter so there is pretty much no chance of buying records for a while.  Thus, I may have to reluctantly turn more and more to the digital format, at least for the time being.

A couple words on the set…

This is basically the set as I played it accept for a couple tracks that I ended up leaving out that night due to having only one hour to play.

I’m always curious to see how some Japanese music goes over with people who have no connection with Japan to influence their taste.  There are two tracks by one of my favorite Japanese artists who started in the 70s, Asakawa Maki (You can find a tribute mix I did for her on Dublab here).  I was initially going to put one in, but then got a request for some Asakawa Maki a couple days before the event so I went ahead and put two in.

The track in between the two Asakawa Maki tracks is a song that I have on a 7″ given to me by my wife’s father.  Knowing that I collect records, he one day came up to me and said “Here, I wrote this song”.  Sure enough there was his name on the label next to “lyrics”.  He said there was some lyric writing contest and he won.  I put it on expecting the worst, but my ears perked up as I heard the opening bassline and fell in love with it as the backing vocals and harmony kicked in.  Not sure what someone with no connection to Japan might think of it, but it goes over extremely well with a Japanese audience.

That’s all I really have to say about the mix.  Have a listen, hope you enjoy.

先週dublab.jpの初イベントにdj参加することができて本当に幸せと感謝いっぱいです〜〜 これからもdublab.jp頑張ってほしい〜〜



『イベントタイトルの“Fruiting Bodies”というタイトルには意味が
dublab周辺の映像制作をしているOvertureやJordan Kimを招き、

イベントは色んな意味で本当に楽しかった! まず、お客さんからスタッフまで本当にいい人ばっかりだった。そうして、音楽も映像も本当に面白かった。Overature and Jordan Kimは本当に芸実的に素晴らしかった〜 DJ達のセレクトもほとんど聞いたことが無い音楽ばっかりで、気持ちよく勉強になりました〜〜 Dj Shhhhh & Hara Masaaki感謝! それで、Bonoboの最高にいいサウンドと雰囲気で回せたのはとってもラッキーな感じでした。ありがとうけいさんとはるかさん!




Listen on Mixcloud to see the track list.  曲名をみるためにMixcloudで聴いてください



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