Straight Ahead to Your Soul Jazz
March 28, 2012, 12:31 pm
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Straight Ahead to Your Soul Jazz – miked

A mix of some straight – but not so straight – ahead jazz and spiritual jazz.  To me, all the music in this mix is spiritual, but it may not fit precisely in the spiritual jazz category (like anyone cares).

I’m a huge lover of Jazz, but it’s not what fills up most of my record bins at this point.  This mix is of some records that I’ve picked relatively recently and just wanted to put together a mix of songs I really enjoy and that fit this certain mood.  A good handful of the records are original presses, but not in the best of shape; apologies for the crackling.  It’s an all vinyl mix of originals, re-issues, standards and rarities.

The first track (Sun Ra) was put in as a sort of intro that I could talk over to introduce the mix, but my mic is out and I’m over it. So, for better or for worse, the Sun Ra is there as a soft intro before the insanity of what was meant to be the first track of the mix (Ornette).

遅 い時間になって、ちょっと日本語で書くやる気がなくって。。。ま、とりあえず、jazzが大好きなんだけど、他のジャンルと比べるとレコードの数がそんな に多くはないので、割と最近買ったレコードからsoulfulやspiritualな大好きの曲かけました。Straight Ahead, Spiritual, Free – – Jazz.

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Here’s what I would have said (TRACKLIST WITH COMMENTARY):

The track under me at the moment is the mellow tune Fate In A Pleasant Mood by Sun Ra and his Myth-Science Arkestra.  This track, along with two others from SR in this mix are from the album of the same name as this track from 1965.

We start off the set with just the very intro of Space Odyssey by Marcus Belgrave.  It’s a fantastic track, but just didn’t quite fit this set, so I snagged just the intro –

Which leads us right into some other spaced out insanity from Ornette Coleman – Man On The Moon.  This is definitely the rarest record (45) and song in the mix.  Made to celebrate the moon landing, but was only released in France.  It’s way out there, but a fun listen (thankfully short ; ).  The drums go off on this track and I’m of course a sucker for the weird analogue sounds.

This takes us into a scorcher of a straight ahead but off the rails track from Don Ellis called Natural H. (1961)

We then take it down a notch and start to settle in with a live recording from Lee Morgan’s Live At The Light House.  The song is Neophilia and the highlight is the intro and solo from Bennie Maupin on what I believe is the bass clarinet?  Nuts, so good.

Next is Bobby Hutcherson‘s song Verse.  For me the highlight here is Joe Henderson’s sax solo..whew, this is why we love Joe Henderson.

This brings us into a super moody one from the untouchable Nina Simone – Plain Gold Ring.  This track has just been a long time favorite of mine and try to play it out whenever I have the chance, which is rarely of course.

From Simone’s mournful moodiness we slide into Sun Ra‘s cosmic spiritual moodiness with a another rich tune called Kingdom Of Thunder.  What else can you say about SR.

This is followed by a slight mood change, with a short track from Mary Lou Williams, Miss D.D. off of the highly recommended compilation om Soul Jazz Records called FREEDOM: Rhythm & Sound.

We then head to a household name, John Coltrane, with a deep piece called Spiritual, where we can hear the deep spirituality that resonates in “the house that Trane built”.  We are also blessed with Eric Dolphy on this piece as well, which well…whew…takes us even deeper.

The mix finishes with a masterpiece from Sun Ra called Space Mates.  All I have to say is that my knees nearly buckle every time that flute comes in…

Thanks for listening…now let’s here some Ornette Coleman.

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