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February 4, 2012, 3:25 pm
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Low Key Techno circa 1999? Bedroom Mix – miked (oursoundtracks)

So initially I bought turntables to play techno music. This was the final mix I made while still living at my parents house – wow – so long ago. I moved out around ’99 or so so this mix must be from around then. You can tell it’s dated by the fact that it was recorded in two 45min halves in order to be put on tape. I initially played fairly aggressive stuff, but this mix marked my departure into a bit mellower realm of techno…heavy on keys. This mix probably consists of 50% or more of california artists (such as..Kit Clayton, John Tejada, Dean DeCosta), but also includes a healthy dose of others. There are quite a few tracks from Force Inc’s “Force Lab” series, some Robert Hood, Jeff Mills, Chain Reaction..etc. Side B gets a little more aggressive. As with all of my mixes on here, they were practice mixes, not intended for sharing, but so much time has passed, and I never got around to re-attempting any of them…so enjoy the good sounds along with the mistakes (like messing around with doubles for too long at the end of side B).

Side A starts with a long intro of an old Kit Clayton track that goes into a Mouse On Mars track, then back into another Kit Clayton track off the Plug Research “Lunch Box” series..before we start getting into some beats.

僕 は元々テクノを回すためにターンテーブルを買いました。 このmixはまだ実家に住んでいた頃作りましたので、たぶん 1999年のも のだと思います。 カセットに録音できるようにside A/Bに分けてあります(笑)。元々ハードテクノ回したけど、このmixからもうちょっとdeepな感じのテクノを回し始めました。 このmixは練習の たみに作ったので、ミスとかがありますが(例えばsideBの最後の方doublesで遊び過ぎとか (笑) )懐かしい〜く聴いてみてください!

LowKey Techno 1999? side A (mix by miked)

LowKey Techno 1999? side B (mix by miked)




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