gjd – beast of the yellow night
December 15, 2011, 2:57 pm
Filed under: International-Intergalactic Sounds

Beast of the Yellow Night  – GJD

I feel like I say  this every post, but it has been a real long time since posting anything up here.  Once again have been moving (still in Nagano, but moved into a house. yay.)  and a million other things.  Hope to have more stuff coming your way soon, but I’m making no promises. 

Writing stuff in two languages for the mixes is usually what takes the most amount of time, so this next mix is perfect for this season of little free time.

I don’t have so much to say about this mix other than it is really really good.  I’ve listened to it a ton and love it. A super super nice fellow from Australia, Will, I randomly met at an outdoor electronic music festival here in Japan made good on his promise to keep in touch and sent along this mix as a recommendation for the site.  It’s actually from a friend of his and this is the message Will sent along with the mix:

Here is a mix by my friend Glenn. He describes it as being Surf/Amazon/Zombie music. It is quite entertaining. Purpose wise it sums up some of the shenanigans that have occurred around at his place over the last few months.

It’s a lovely mix of underground Surf/Rockabilly/Tv/Country…HIGHLY recommend for those of you who love obscure sounding underground gems.  Not my area of expertise here, so I’m not quite sure how rare or not these tracks are..but they are outstanding none the less.


今回のミックスは今年のLabyrinthというフェスタで出会ったオーストラリア人からのミックスです。 彼の友達が作ったミックスだそうです。 私このミックスを何回も聞いたんだけど、まだまだいけそう。 とってもとっても面白っくて、私のタイプばっちり!ミックスを作った本人がSurf/Amazon/Zombie musicって説明したらし。。。そのとおり、変なRockabilly, Surf,Tv, and Country… 


Here lies the mix! (click & save)

No tracklist…sorry


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