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January 8, 2010, 11:28 am
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It’s been quite a while since I put anything up here cause I’ve been away for the holidays.  I really hope everyone had an enjoyable and safe new year holiday.  Hope to have a lot of new mixes coming your way.

miked (oursoundtracks) – Just Because Hip Hop mix

I threw this mix together while trying to figure out what to play at a little party of a friend of mine out here about 2 years ago I guess.  It had been years since I tried mixing hip hop (you can find some old hip hop mixes of mine in the hop hop section), it was fun to do again, but as you can hear, I’m always shaky when it comes to hiphop mixing.  I never put this mix up cause there was some mixing that I just couldn’t bare at the end, but I just cut that off ; )   Again, I’m no expert dj but I hope you can enjoy the tunes.  After listening to this again it makes me want to make another hip hop mix with some newer stuff; hopefully I’ll get around to that someday soon.

The mix starts out with some soul sounds, but moves on quickly enough to the beats.  Tons of love goes out to a couple labels “featured” on here: Stones Throw and Fondle Em – and also to the sound of the Visioneers.  (I’m sure everyone is hip on the brilliance of Stones Throw Records, but the less known, now extinct Fondle ‘Em Records is also NOT TO BE MISSED check here and here. Kool Keith, Godfather Don, MF Doom, Mf Grimm, Company Flow – they all were there.)

このmixは二年前ぐらい作っちゃった。友達のパーティで回す準備のために出来た物です。僕は二年ごとしかhip hop mixを作らない程度なので、ミスをきたいできます ;) これを聞いて、また作りたくなっちゃうけど。。。近い内にまた出来上がったらいいなと思いますが。。。

Soulでゆっくり始め、そのうちに、気持ちよく、ビートが入ってくる。このmixの中、Stones Throw Records, Fondle ‘Em Records, and Visioneersが注目です!

ENJOY – (If you listen…leave a commet, let us know what you think…please?   !!)

The All Vinyl Mix <<<<<<<<

(double click to listen, right click and “save as” to download.  PLEASE LET ME KNOW OF ANY TECHNICAL PROBLEMS)


– from Beat Konducta In India Vol. 3
– from Dilla’s Donut Album
– Roc ‘C’ – Joy N’ Pain
– Yesterday’s New Quintet – Mindtouch (7″)
– Jennifer Lara – off Studio One Presents
– The Sylvers – Only One Can Win (Re Edit)
– Lootpack – Loopdigga
– The Boulevard Connection – Fondle ‘Em Ep
– Juggaknots – A Rainy Saturday
– Beat Konducta – Ashby Road (7″)
– Lootpack – Answers
– Roc ‘C’ – Ox Shit
– Oh No w/ Aloe Blacc – Get Away
– from Dilla’s Donut Album
– The Roots – Push Up Yal Lighter
– Lootpack – Hityawitdat
– Grooveman Spot w/ Med – Turn it Up
– Visioneers w/ Voice – Replay
– Pharcyde Instro
– Visioneers w/ Capital A – Funk Box (J. Jeff Mix)
– Terminator X w/ Juvenile Delinquintz
– Brand Nubians – All For One
– from Beat Konducta In India Vol. 3


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Dope mix! I’m in a weird hotel room in tunisia right now, its 5am and dark and and I’m bumping your mix and staying positive! Is that bahamdia you threw in there?? (The girl rapper, obvie). Also I’m totally into the soul bits in the beginning. So good all around!

Comment by becca

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