November 2, 2009, 7:11 am
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DJ Nuts live on Dublab Radio

DJ Nuts

Once again, I have to thank the great people over at Dublab for consistently bringing beautiful sounds to the world – special thanks to Frosty.  Whenever you just want some good music and vibes to go along with your day, be sure to tune in to DUBLAB radio.  Of course, for this mix extra special thanks goes out to DJ Nuts for being down enough to not mind being further shared around the internet.  DJ Nuts is truly an amazing dj with amazing records.  This mix is actually from a couple years ago, but I’ve never tired of it and am finally putting it up here.  I love this mix. Hope you all enjoy it and pass it along.  We hope to be blessed with some more goodness from DJ Nuts in the future.

The mix took place at the Dublab studio while DJ Nuts, along with legendary percussionists Joao “Comanche” Parahyba (Trio Mocoto) and Ivan “Mamao” Conti (Azymuth), were in LA for the premiere of the film “Brasilintime“.  The film put together hip hop artists and Brasilian musicians to make some magic (see some video clips below).  The mix by DJ Nuts is a sweetly mixed adventure through some rare Brasilian vinyl.  PLEASE ENJOY.

(For some more amzing, and even better mixes from DJ Nuts, go here)

Thank you again DJ Nuts & Dublab.

このmixはDublabのpodcastからきました。Dublabのボスが昔からの友達ので、盗むのは大丈夫です :) ありがとうFROSTY!

今回はBrasilのdj champion DJ Nutsというdjが自分のレコードlibraryからの珍しいBrasilianレコードをめっちゃスムーズにライブmix作りました。BRASILINTIMEという映画のロードショーのためにLos Angelesにきて、Dublab studioでinterviewとこのmixをやりました。 BrasilintimeはBrasilの有名なパーカショニストーとhip hop djとアメリカの有名hip hop artists(Madlib, J Dilla, Cut Chemist, Egon etc.)を集めてライブ作りましたのドキュメンタリーです。

DJ Nutsにもありがとう!!


(もっとDJ Nuts聞きたかったら、ここへ)


(double click to play, right click to download)

Mirror (you can also download here)


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… gotta tell all the folks that i was drunk when i did this live mix, too much Nesquick in my head.

Comment by Rodrigo

HaHa~ Yeah~I just remembered there was a photo to prove it, and I actually found it. HERE

Wow-and I just noticed all those other mixes up on your blog. Whew~ lots of listening to be done!

Thanks again ~

Comment by pressrec

One you missed is the Spanish-language 1931 Dracula, with Carlos Villarios-Sanchez, Lupita Tovar and Carlos Alvarez Rubio. Same script and sets as the Browning/Lugosi, but a whole different feel. One shot in particular is guaranteed to make you pee in your pants; the vampire brides, coming straight at the camera, lit in such a way that one has no face, another, all you can see is teeth, and the third you see eyes. And theyre not buttoned up to the chin; flowing white gowns, mostly see-through. Very sexy, very deadly.

Comment by the pilatesbiz

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