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more Silent Servant


In my effort to build the largest collection of Jasper/Silent Servant mixes outside of Juan’s bedroom (laugh), here’s more.  This time we’ve got two mixes coming from past LA events at Interface.  Plus a reminder link to check out Silent Servant’s latest mix at MNML SSGS (a site I just can’t say enough about).  All of this coming EXTREMELY late, but for those who haven’t found these mixes yet, please enjoy.

(check the “BY DJ” section for more mixes by Silent Servant – both techno and non)

今 回またSilent Servantのmixをみつ紹介します。本人の部屋以外、一番Silent Servantのmixを集まってる所がoursoundtracksだろう(笑).  今回の二つのmixはロスにあるミニマル・テクノーイベントInterfaceというかなりいいpartyのライブセットです。もう一つは、MNML SSGSというテクノーブロッグのために作られているmixです。ミニマルテクノーを好き方に大おすすめブロッグです。

Interface, who is looking to celebrate their 7th anniversary, throws some great minimal parties in LA.  Given that I moved out of LA exactly 7 years ago, I’ve never been able to make it to one of their parties, but you can see by their lineups and podcasts that they are worth every penny.  Definitely check their podcast for these mixes and many more.

Interface 26



This night was part of the Sandwell District label tour with sets by Regis and Function as well –  would have LOVED to have been here.  Great set from Silent Servant.

このイベントはSandwell DistrictというラベルのUS tourの一つでした。行きたかったな〜!Silent Servantのセットはばっちりです!

Silent Servant mix live @ Interface 26

(double click to play (may take a bit to load) or right-click and “save as” to download)

Sendpace Mirror (you can download here too)

The visuals at this party are fantastic – check the video.

more videos from Interface

Interface 22


This mix starts off a bit rough, probably first DJ of the evening technical difficulties or what have you, but 10 mins in and its good to go – typical Silent Servant goodness.

このmixの最初の10分はちょっと不安感があるけど、それからSilent Servantぽく、ナイスmixです。

Silent Servant mix live @ Interface 22

Sendpace mirror (you can also download here)


Last, but certainly not least, is a link to the latest mix Silent Servant made for MNML SSGS a couple months back.  First off, site should be at the top of your bookmark list if you’re into minimal techno – cream of the crop in my opinion.  Many thanks to the “sausages”.   Secondly,  this mix in particular is one of my favorites to come from Silent Servant – ever.  Fantastic.

そうして、最後はMNML SSGSさん達のexclusive Silent Servant mix.  MNML SSGS最高! 絵像クリック

click the image



1. Kim Rapatti (Mood EP/ Untilted II)
2. Decimal (Spatial Remedy)
3. Levon Vincent (Early Reflections)
4. Dave Hughes (From The Beginning)
5. JD power tools (B2)
6. Frozen boarder 01 (A)
7. Redshape (The Box)
8. Ben Klock (Grasp)
9. Planetary Assualt Systems (Mark Me)
10. N/A Variance (Marcel Dettmann edit)
11. Edit Select (Restrained)
12. Radio Slave (Neverending…)
13. Shena (T++ rmx)
14. Technose district ( killer record!!!)
15. Redshape (Plonk)
16. Abuser 1 (b2)
17. Silent servant (Violencia/Kalon mix)
18. Sleeparchive (Elephant Island)
19. Christian Morgenstern (Spiegelkerker)
20. Mark Broom (Black Russian)
21. Norman Nodge (Native Rhythm Electric)
22. Kirk Degiorgio (I Do Not Exist)
23. Maurizio ploy (UR mix)
24. CH-Signal Laboratories (Regis Edit/Sandwell District 12 )
25. Electromagnetic Dowsing / synth 1(Deepchord/Mike Huckaby mix)


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the hypertext link for 26 isn’t enabled, and both files only download the first 10 minutes of the sets or so, any chance of a re-upload?

Comment by kirton

Thanks for the heads up! I fixed the link for 26, should work now. As far as only downloading the first 10 minutes goes, I tried downloading Interface 22 myself and had no problems. However, I believe my server here at wordpress isn’t the best so if you don’t have a fairly quick connection sometimes the set downloads incomplete. My computer at work is a bit slower than my one at home and I have also downloaded mixes (that seemed to download completely) that end up having 20mins cut off the end.

Anyways, my advice would be to try again or try on a different computer. Also, if it still doesn’t work let me know and I can send you a zip file.

I am looking into other/better server space to avoid this problem in the future.

Thanks again and keep in touch,


Comment by pressrec

Cheers dude, I’ve tried re-downloading them on different computers but interface 26 always stops at 26% and interface 22 always stops at 15%. If you could wing a .zip my way that’d be great.

Big fan of the blog, keep up the quality!

Comment by kirton

I also can only download a short portion of these two interface mixes, any chance you could wing over a zip file? I’d really appreciate it cos what i’ve heard so far is top class!

Comment by paul riggs

Great site man, but yeah the interface sets only download up to 80 or 90 megs at the most, try rapidshare or maybe soundcloud, fartilizer any mirrors like that would be highly appreciated

Comment by gv

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