Wackie’s Original 45s Vol I
September 1, 2009, 4:07 pm
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WACKIE’S Mix (all originals) – by Tetsu


This mix is a real treasure coming from a great DJ and friend Tetsu-san. Tetsu has blessed us by becoming a regular DJ at our monthly event “Dub Smokin” every 4th Sat. @ Drum Song in ShimokitazawaHe’s been collecting reggae vinyl for over 20 years and usually puts the rest of us to shame with his wicked selection of mainly original presses.  Recently Tetsu-san has been setting a theme for his set each event, and last time at Dub Smokin was an all Wackie’s set which was just amazing – especially on a big soundsystem.  Tetsu was kind enough to record a sampling of his Wackie’s all original collection for us.   THANK YOU TETSU-SAN

こ のmixは最高な人とセレクターTETSUさんからきています! うちらが第四・土 下北沢のDrum Songでやっているイベント”Dub Smokin”のレグラーメンバーです。 20年以上Reggae Recordsを集まってる大先輩、いつも、いつも素晴らしいselection回してくれる。。。是非、見に来てください!!この間のDub SmokinでTETSUさんがALL ORINGINAL WACKIESセット回しました。それで、oursoundtracksのために同じようなmix作ってくれました。最高です!

WACKIE’S was an amazing “reggae” label/studio/store started in NY in the 70s by Lloyd Barnes (check wikipedia for more info).    Lo-fi, gritty, soulful, Wackie’s has been widely influential.

Most if not all of the original (1970’s and 80′) Wackies recorded releases are out-of-print and in demand among reggae music collectors. Germans Moritz Von Oswald and Mark Ernestus, passionate devotees of the label’s sound, have undertaken an extensive and ongoing 12″ and LP re-issue campaign for the label through an exclusive imprint in the Basic Channel record label family, bearing the Wackies logo and label design. To date, the imprint has put out work from artists such as Horace Andy, Wayne Jarrett, Love Joys, The Meditations, and Sugar Minott, as well as several strictly dub releases by Wackies-sponsored bands. ” – Wikipedia

For me personally this coming together of Wackie’s and Basic Channel was HUGE.   Just out of high school I really got into minimal techno music,  especially deep minimal stuff like Berlin’s Basic Channel and Chain Reaction, but new very little about reggae besides Marley and early ska.  At this time I had no clue about the connection between techno and reggae (more specifically dub).  A few years later my interest in techno waned and  interest in hip hop and roots/dub music grew.  When I later bought a Wackie’s re-issue I felt I had a divine revelation when I realized that this re-issue of reggae/dub was being released by none other than the minimal techno master minds of the previously mentioned Basic Channel and Chain Reaction, Moritz Von Oswald and Mark Ernestus.  It all came full circle to me.  I couldn’t believe I never realized it before, how massively  the Berlin minimal techno sound was influenced by the Dub music of the 70s and early 80s.  And now, here are my favorite techno producers re-releasing some of my favorite reggae.   It all came completely full circle when Ernestus and Von Oswald as Rhythm and Sound collaborated with original Wackie’s artists to release some absolutely  mind blowing electronic-dub versions of Wackie music.  Listen:

2000 年代に元minimal techno/minimal dub producers Moritz Von Oswald and Mark Ernustus (Rhythm and Sound) from the labels Basic Channel/Chain Reaction in BerlinがWackie’s再発をガンガン出しました。私は元々minimal techno djだったんで、このドイツ人二人大好きだったので、十年後、この二人は最高なレーゲを再発出してるのはものすごくうれしい偶然/運命でした。 そうして、この円が完成したのはRhythm and SoundがWackie’s musician達と一緒に最高なelectronic-dub versions作りました〜 下にきいてみて:

Needless to say, when Tetsu agreed to make this all original Wackie’s set for the site I was thrilled.  Now, given everything I said about the connection between dub music/Wackie’s/and Berlin minimal techno, and if you’ve been a fan of the Wackie’s stuff re-released by the German label you may be expecting a set of all heavy roots and dub…this is not the case.  The Wackie’s studio and label produced a wide range of reggae music in its years of productivity.  This mix is a good sampling of that range…some of the stuff has been re-issued, but a lot of it hasn’t.




[For a full (still being updated) collection of Testu’s Wackie collection go here]



Skin Tight Part I  / Bullwackies All Stars

Look Over Yonder / Ras Ifton & The Zionites

Black Horns / Baba Leslie &  Mark

Jah Children / Johnny Osbourne

Come Let’s Go / Wayne Jarrett

Pollution In The City / Johnny Clarke

I Wanna Get Next To You / Andrea L’amy

So Much Loving / Chosen Brothers

Love Makes The World Go Round / Jah Batta & Positive Vibes

Stop The World / Ken Boothe & M. Lara

Prophecy / Horace Andy

Tribal War / Noel Delahaye

Loving Man / African Jamaicans

Creation / Itopia

Message From Jah / Itopia

It’s Like Yesterday / Noel Delahaye

Forward On A Yard / Leroy Sibbles & the Heptones

It Takes Time / Stranger Cole

Home By The Sea / Andrew McCalla

I Was Born To Be Loved / Andrew McCalla

What’s Wrong With You / Jerry Hitler

I Love My Music / Max Romeo

Forever And Ever / Lloyd Barnes


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thanks for the download

Comment by tom

[…] mix I’ve really been looking forward to sharing.  Vol 1 of Wackie’s Originals was one of the most highly downloaded mixes here at Oursoundtracks.  I explained most of my […]

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Amazing downloads. Listening to the second one right now. Thanks so much.

I can’t believe that guy’s name really is Jerry Hitler.

Comment by The Chief

Jerry Hitler is Jerry harris.
that song was his first recording at Wackies.
Bullwackie was trying to give him that name as an Artist it’s very dangerious for the world.

Comment by Tetsu

[…] 80s Roots original 12″s.  As I’ve mentioned before on two other posts from Testu (see: Wackie’s Origingal 45s Vol. I & Vol. II), the man has an insane record collection…a handful of some of his treasures […]

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