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April 23, 2009, 4:53 pm
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GIVE UP – Stop Dancing and Cry

by J. Mendez       Jasper aka Silent Servant


This mix coming from the ever so wonderful, changing the world through sound machine, dublab.  GIVE UP – Stop Dancing and Cry is a dublab sad, slow dance party.  J. Mendez aka Silent Servant, a frequent dj at the night before moving out of LA, dropped this one for dublab a while back, and I’m bringing it to you all now.  On one of my trips back home I made it out to one of those nights – a tear jerker.  This mix is not necessarily SLOW, but could certainly be considered meloncholy.  For more sad sad sounds check out the GIVE UP THEMESTREAM.

今回のmixはOURSOUNDTRACKSによく出てくるDJ J. Mendez/Jasper/Silent Servantからきています。 Mendezは国際的なminimal techno producer and DJなんだけど、本当に色々なレコード持っている方です。 そうして、回すのは、レコードのみ! 今回のmixはロスにあるsound crew DUBLABの一つのイベントのために作っております。 GIVE UP – Stop Dancing and Cryというイベントは、幅広くの意味で、”悲しい”音楽のイベントです。 (このイベントの音楽をもっとききたいなら。。。ここで!) このmixは別にSLOW and SADでもないけど、完璧に私とMendezの高校時代にあったの暗さを思い出す!うちらが友達になったきっかけはThe Smithsでした。 二人ともhometown大嫌いで、The Smithsなどのグレーな世界に逃げちゃった。

**Be sure to check more excellent sounds from the great Juan Mendez on oursoundtracks…minimal techno, new wave, electro…**

GIVE UP – J. Mendez mix

Vincent gallo – So Sad

Galaxie 500 – Ceremony

The Clientele – Porcelain

The Smiths – Death of a disco dancer

Glaxo Babies – This is you life

The Organ – Brother

Au Pairs – It’s Obvious

Joy Division – Isolation

Chris & Cosey – Misunderstandings

Nyam Nyam (New Order) – fate/hate

Kraftwerk – The Model

Ariel Pink – Helen

? And the Mysterians – 96 tears

David Bowie – Helden

Gang of four – It’s her factory

Stockholm Monsters – Fairy Tales

Kendra Smith – Wheel of the law

Spectrum – Help me please

Echo & the Bunnymen – Ocean Rain


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just downloaded this and will be working my way through the rest of Mr. Mendez’s stuff on here. Probably more too. Will comment on the best stuff, if I listen to it that is

Comment by Eric

Awesome. Thanks for listening! Hope to have more from the man soon.

Comment by pressrec

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