November 21, 2007, 5:22 am
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in the spirit of mix-tapes, oursoundtracks is a place to share sound-collages. displaying everyday peoples’ love for music and sound, and those around them…both made plain in the very need to share. like a film soundtrack making the images and the audience one, we hope to achieve the same when we share our own “soundtracks” with those around us.

oursoundtracks hopes to gather any music or sound made to share. from dj mixes to everyday (non-mixed) mix cds.

all “soundtracks” will be streamable and downloadable at no charge to the share-er or the share-ey.

this is about sharing, so without all of you, this space won’t grow. please tell your friends!!

SO – let’s press REC – for eachother.



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Hey man, this is The Blacklight Special. Please, share my mix with as many people as you like. I’ll put you up on my links page.


Comment by tbsp

Hey Mike !!!!

This is Goh. I checked out your site. It seems interesting. I’ve never seen this kind of site which shares mix tape by artist. Hopefully my mix tape will be on the list someday.

Now I’m at my brother’s place in Fullerton CA, and also gonna move to San Francisco in the middle of this week. BTW I forgot the name of the park you’ve mentioned; a park like 代々木公園. Please もう一回教えて!!!

Anyway I’m doing fine. and I already miss ROOTS TANK and you guys.
I hope I’ll see you somewhere in Cali someday.



Comment by GOH

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